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  1. ltfckimbo

    Resale Club 2019

    Does anyone know how many tickets you can buy in one go in the re-sale? Sorry if this has already been asked here. But I've kept myself off the forum since failing in October!
  2. ltfckimbo

    2019 Headliners

    They're not really going to get people up dancing. It's not that sort of music. Not that there should be anything wrong with that. But i can see it's not really what a modern festival crowd wants from a headliner, sadly.
  3. ltfckimbo


    Thanks both. It came through this evening. Relieved to say the least! 😎
  4. ltfckimbo


    Did anyone elses registration dissappear after uploading a new photo? I did my wife's yesterday and it was accepted and updated almost instantly. I then did mine and I got confirmation email that i had requested to update my details. Now when i check for registrations with my email address, only the wife's comes back, mine has disappeared! Is this normal while they approve or do I need to re-register?
  5. ltfckimbo

    2019 Headliners

    I think mostly it was a case of the right band, at the right time, on the right stage. But from a personal point of view... As soon as the line up had come out i was torn between Blur and Prodigy, I'd loved both in the 90s without being a super fan of either. My girlfriend (now wife) was dead set on The Prodigy, so a fairly easy compromise for me. It was her first festival and she'd found it pretty hard going and once we'd made it round to the Other Stage from wherever we'd been previously, she declared she was spent and would watch from the tent (we were camped in Oxlyers), and was happy for me to go in and get involved. The fact that I'd had a couple of months resigning myself to missing Blur meant there was only one option, so preceeded to leg it round to the pyramid. I can vividly remember going past JP as The Wombats were playing Moving to New York! I got there just in time and the set just built and built, soundtracking so much of my teens and twenties. The crowd, to a person, seemed so into it and the singalong during and after Tender was a moment that will stay with me as long as I live. It felt so tangible at the time, how much the crowd and band were connecting, and that it was a 'special' gig. In the weeks after the gig I'd almost convinced myself that I'd just been getting carried away, but seeing the footage of Damon breaking down on stage and hearing the band talk about it confirmed it wasn't just me. Everything about it was just perfect.
  6. ltfckimbo

    New Order

    Thought it was fantastic, but absolutely flew by. Crowd was much bigger than i expected, was packed right up to the paths.
  7. ltfckimbo


    I can see Bread and Roses!
  8. Not a bargain by any stretch, but has anyone ever tried these? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rocket-Energy-Heating-Latte-200ml/dp/B00556E5BO Could be a life-saver in the mornings.
  9. Jesus Christ, you're making it worse!
  10. ltfckimbo


    Morrissey's band murder those songs in my experience. JM's voice is a bit weak to deliver them, but at least the riffs sound exquisite.
  11. The thing is the yoof don't have make choices the way you and I did. Unless you were happy listening to Radio 1 and buying Now compilations, you really had to invest in the music you wanted to listen to. £12 for a cd album wasn't insignificant to a teenager in the mid nineties. These days you can spend an hour on youtube and get up to speed on any band/scene you want, for free. I see it on facebook, young friends/relatives i have on there seem to like everything. Its not a big deal for them to hit 'like' on a classic band because they like/know their 4 biggest songs. For me its a list almost as exclusive as that of the poor imitations of bands' logos scrawled on my school exercise books.
  12. She's not bigger than Beyonce though, is she? My Mum's heard of Beyonce. Pretty much everyone's heard of Beyonce. I doubt many over 40 know Taylor Swift is. I'm sure you'll back up your claim with some numbers, but I'm still not having it. Not saying Beyonce was ever worth a headline slot or anything (imo), just that for a female pop artist to headline she'd have to be properly famous, not just a celebrity.
  13. ltfckimbo


    Obviously he would have refused any treatment that had been developed using animal testing, which is pretty much all of them....
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