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  1. Are Gorillaz not an exclusive for Boomtown?
  2. iPsy

    Headliners 2015

    They've been posting that all day
  3. iPsy

    Headliners 2015

    There is a guy on Twitter @IAmTheRobotMan who is convinced that Madonna will be confirmed before midday tomorrow...
  4. iPsy

    Headliners 2015

    "Madonna will be talking about that fall at the Brit Awards, along with her new album and family life, ahead of her tour in late summer. They might even talk about the supposed ban from BBC Radio 1, which wasnt really a ban, they just didnt think her new music appealed to teenagers." Obviously they're not going to say about Glastonbury in this blurb but I could see this interview simply being about what it says it's about... Her life and her already announced tour.
  5. iPsy

    Headliners 2015

    I wouldn't of suggested them this year until I saw this picture. They've been too quiet.
  6. iPsy

    Headliners 2015

    Obviously it's not always a hint, but it's more than anyone else has got on like any other act haha. Just a thought. It's not like I'm claiming that Foals are the 3rd headliner.
  7. iPsy

    Headliners 2015

    A manipulated picture of a recording studio in the shape of a pyramid. Recording studios don't look like that. No need to be so blunt, just a suggestion man, that's what I see. And it could be a possibility.
  8. iPsy

    Headliners 2015

    Kind of looks like a Pyramid? Obviously I don't know, but I could see them subbing.
  9. iPsy

    Headliners 2015

    Foals have just posted a picture on Instagram which might refer to the pyramid stage...
  10. iPsy

    Headliners 2015

    Why oh why is everything getting so exciting when I have an essay hand in tomorrow!?!?!?
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