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    Tent Space

    Hi All You need to think about the weight and how much you can carry. We had a 45 min walk from the car which was parked at west51 carpark to where we pitched our tent. there is no stright direct routes to camping areas you have to follow hedgerows, fence lines and tracks to get to all camping the walk can be tough if it is wet & muddy. If you decide to take that tent think about buying a small truck to pull all your gear. if you dont go early you will probably struggle to find a space that is big enough for that tent. Gazebos. At the sonisphere festival 2010 we was told to take it down by security because to much space was being taken up by the Gazebo they said. May be smaller tents would be a better option but everybody to there own ideas.
  2. pablo666

    Sonisphere 2010

    In and around sonisphere festival 2010
  3. pablo666

    Glastonbury 2010

    Pics from around Glastonbury 2010
  4. Hi I never heared about the ice cream van until smileydogs replyed. As for the stampede approx 30 nutters running around shouting stampede & battle metal throwing them selfs into the fences distroying the triangel strengtheners then seeing how many panels they could push over just all seems pointless why not waste your energy at the silent disco? We did have some items nicked some food & a small table. Saftey and security is paramont at festivals I would think that any body who was on there own on the last night would of been frightened and felt unsafe and probably think twice about camping on there own again at fetsivals. After my ranting The main thing is now body got hurt or at least I think they didnt. Like most peoeple family camping will be the place next year lets there will be plenty of room.
  5. Hi All Can anybody tell me what the idea was behind Sunday night Monday morning stampede? Other than noise and total destruction of fence lines and camps. I have been too many festivals in the UK and in Europe but not camping Sonisphere was my first festival camping for the full weekend. Does this happen at all festivals? After the last night. Why would you destroy your camp by burning your tent burning your sleeping bag and smashing your chairs to bits when you have spent your well earned money on those items? Why not hand them in at the recycling tents dotted around the site for somebody who could make use of them. Just seemed pointless.
  6. My best bands were: Sacred Betrayal Big Elf Evile Anthrax Fear factory Placebo Rammstein - AWESOME. Rise to Remain Skindred - AWESOME Slayer - AWESOME The Cult Pendulum (for a differance) Iron Maiden for that differant set list. AWESOME Brilliant music weekend with all the fun of camping.
  7. Hi All. Who would you watch on Saturday Evile @ 12.15 or Lacuna Coil @ 12.25 both Brilliant & clash need help to decide. 2 more sleeps and we are on our way cant wait. yepeeeeeee
  8. 20 new bands announced today apparently The Defiled, Enforcer Karma To Burn, Bleed From Within,Kvelertak, Winnebago Deal, October File, Malefice, Cerebral Ballzy,Sweet Savage, And What Army, Never Means Maybe, Headcharger, No Mean City, This Is Devine, Stand Up Guy, Love Amongst Ruin, Heights, Hearts Under Fire and Sacred Betrayal.
  9. Can anybody tell us how stricted the security checks are on the entrance to sonisphere? just wondering if its worth trying to take a small gas stove to try and keep the budget down on food? some of the crew are on a very tight budget>
  10. Hi kipper64 Excellant thanks again for your information. The food price guide will be most helpfull for some of the crew who are on a budget cheers.
  11. Cheers for the info . We probably we will still take the small truck as a back up. 9 of us going in total and have quite alot of stuff to carry.
  12. Can anybody tell me how far the car park is to the campsite will I need a truck to move our gear (beers) from the car ? Is there any cheap food at the festival? we are on a tight budget . Is there any showers on site? cheers.
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