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  1. Lucky that I managed to get my ticket sorted for this year before she read this thread?
  2. Oops soz.....that must have been someone else. It was quite a messy evening ? I will watch out for familiar faces at the next meet.
  3. In her defence I think she had peaked a bit too soon....maybe she is still lurking around here also? Am I correct in thinking that you were the Everton fanatic?
  4. You suspect wrong Gnomicide.... I am still here lurking in the background just like I was back in 2011 at the meet. I was spotted by the lovely 'badge' ladies & encouraged to join the group. I stayed for a few hours in your good company. The amusing thing is that despite having a good laugh I had no idea who I had been drinking with by name... Now after posting this photo you have given me a dilemma.... i generally attend solo, as I was in 2011. Should I share this post with my good wife who has never been to Glastonbury??
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