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  1. Yep - Poblenou also. Booked a room months ago with free cancellation in case I decided to go
  2. For the first year in a decade we are doing neither GM or EOTR. Very underwhelmed with both. A lot of the same old, perfectly fine , but *not again* names....looking at you Parquet Courts 😃 I just think the festival circuit in general is looking tired and weak this year .They all seem to be struggling for upper tier names. You only have to look at the reactions to the first announcements. I can't remember seeing so many <shrugged shoulders>
  3. Thanks You think Mary Chain likely to be on one of the bigger Parc del Forum stages then ?
  4. Hi all Can anyone clarify how Wednesday works.... Struggling to get info on website. Are shows open to public? Free to all? Ticketed? I'm specifically thinking about the Mary Chain Last time I did Primavera was 2014, awesome year!, but can't remember how the pre main fest shows worked. Also has food / drink changed much in the festival since 2014? I remember food was pretty poor, and drink choice very limited.😁
  5. Did anyone else feel the forest / art installations area felt a bit half baked this year ? Didn't seem as many installations, and what was there was for the most part a bit cr*p I know its just a small part of the fest but it has certainly been much much better in previous years imo. I feel that whole disco ship / games area bit could perhaps do with a refresh/rethink. Or maybe as a EOTR regular ..10 years now ... I'm just a bit jaded with it
  6. Doesn't belong in this discussion but ...............car park £15 this year !!! WTF ? That's just a p*ss take.
  7. Continuing the run of disappointing headliners ........Beirut ? Metronomy ? Seriously in 2019 ? The last few years they have really dropped the ball. At least Spiritualized redeems it slightly for me - saw them in Madrid in November and they farexceeded all expectations. Lifelong fan since the Spaceman days but was thinking Jason's best days were behind him ... proved me wrong ? Some decent stuff further down the list as always.
  8. Would love Brooks and the gang back - although they are a bit of a different beast these days, drummer and bassist were booted out for reasons unknown, lineup has expanded. They opened up The Woods stage on the Friday 2011, then late night in the Tipi - when as said they were blacked up and rather the worse for wear Video evidence below
  9. Awesome news........ Slowdive will be on Woods stage Thurs night, not Big Top as EOTR initially announced Glad EOTR saw sense, Thurs is getting busier every year and would be a shame if people couldn't of got in the Big Top.
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