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  1. Would like to add shikari 15 and killers 17
  2. Would like to see bring me the horizon 2016 full set. Swear it was meant to go up this weekend but can't see it Always willing to watch Lionel in full Rolling stones The hives
  3. Envious of those who were at this lizzo set. Remember watching it live while ticketless and loving it. Hope she returns to the farm ASAP
  4. Would love to see Mcfly but can see them headlining a random stage as discussed above. Busted were great fun at Slam Dunk
  5. I always wake up on Thursday feeling like I'm going to die and need to go home. Usually lasts until about 1pm then I start feeling more alive again. Similar happened at the download pilot after the first night Don't really get hangovers for the remainder of the festival
  6. Just had the track and trace notification. Nightmare
  7. This Elton rumour is very exciting. My top 3 wanted glasto headliners are Taylor, elton and blur. Would lose my mind if I got 2/3
  8. Always thought it was weird how everyone wants to throw pints around during England games, especially when they cost £6 from boxpark On another note, Tuesdays post festival are the worst
  9. Highlights - being in a crowd again, holding absence, Frank Carter, shikari, vukovi, a (for the slow walk circle pits), loathe, elvana, skindred, Frank turner, the security guy at cocktail bar, spontaneous aerobics class at cocktail bar, the warm showers, outrageous shapes at the silent disco, the site layout, the surprisingly fine weather, our camping neighbours Lowlights - bfmv (stop doing drum solos), toilet queues, silent disco queues, Saturday silent disco set with horrible dnb remixes of nu metal, sound cutting out on main stage a few times, temperature at night All in all the best weekend for the past 2 years. The atmosphere was incredible, the music was generally excellent and the organisation was top tier. Can we go back to normality now
  10. What a weekend. So so good to be back. Will post full feedback after this hideous drive back. The atmosphere was simply unbelievable
  11. Classic drownload this. Let's get muddy
  12. Be pretty tricky to avoid spoilers of the football lets be honest. Just think how we'll be at a festival with 10,000 other people, no restrictions and actual live music while the rest of the country has to either watch the football at home or sat at a table in a pub in a group of 6 ordering beers through some terrible app
  13. Been listening to Static Dress from the recommendations. Remind me of alexisonfire. Good stuff
  14. Would lose my mind at a Architects secret set Top 3 for me are Shikari, Frank Turner and skindred All acts I've seen at least 10 times but always super fun and a great reintroduction to live music
  15. Is it too early to start obsessing over the weather forecasts? Download seems to typically be a very wet fest
  16. Decided I'll sack off the football as this weekend will definitely be a million times more fun. I cannot wait
  17. Friday clashes with England v Scotland :/ Great line up, would like to go but couldn't miss that game
  18. a6l6e6x

    2021 New Music

    God I love Don Broco, even if I am a Liverpool fan. Their music videos always rule
  19. I know a guy who's after one, did you just find them randomly or was there a mini resale?
  20. a6l6e6x

    2021 New Music

    The new holding absence album seems awesome on first listen
  21. a6l6e6x

    Taylor Swift

    Ideal scenario, she pumps all the re-records out just in time for G22 and does a 3 hour mega hits set
  22. Gave Steven Wilson a go. Awesome album, no idea why it took me so long to listen to his solo work when I was such a huge Porcupine Tree fan when I was younger. Thought a couple of bits trailed off but apart from that stellar work. 4/5
  23. I think Buckys character isn't very good in this series and he's ruining it a bit for me, seems badly written. The action in this ep was awesome but the story isn't really gripping me. Wandavision was better
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