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  1. Anywhere we can go to check if a reserved ticket will be disrupted? Concerned about the change at Westbury from London Paddington This is so annoying
  2. Just seen prices for this, too much. Anyone want my presale code?
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/three-day-rail-strike-to-cause-six-days-of-disruption-network-rail-warns-12634336 This doesn't sound good
  4. Anyone know how much this is expected to cost? If too much I'm willing to give up my previous booker code
  5. Well this is all looking a bit good
  6. Still in the 6am coach from London, possibly asleep
  7. Asleep... At the coach station
  8. Taking the advise here and ordered the fresh and black one. Holding on to the other one just in case it doesn't arrive in time
  9. Yeah this was up there with my favourite sets of all time at any festival/gig. Can't believe it was 11 years ago
  10. Announcing a tour on the 20th Have a good relationship with the fest, didn't they say they would do it for free at some point Just finished a headline set at Download so should have enough to string together a short setlist So gut feel/wish list more than anything
  11. Had the same name and description. I just needed anything so clicked buy now with very little research
  12. This is all looking worryingly good
  13. I'm going for: 1975 @ john peel Biffy @ Park
  14. I'm not massively fussed about any Sunday headliners. I think visually Bicep will run away with it so I'll be heading there
  15. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/camping-tent-with-poles-arpenaz-4-1-4-person-1-bedroom/_/R-p-4123 Sorry was £140
  16. Only reason I go is to report on how the weather was when I get my next haircut
  17. Pouring spirits into plastic bottles
  18. I'm gonna get so sunburnt in 40 degree heat
  19. Does anyone know if these guys will be at Glasto this year testing drugs? There's so much fake stuff flying around in the market at the moment and their results from Parklife although a great improvement from the year before still raise concerns on what people are actually getting
  20. Thought her voice had been shot for years, was only expecting a massive sing along anyway. Think it will be a blast
  21. Biffy announcing a tour on the 20th, could they rock up?
  22. Staring at the clock while wiggling the mouse on my laptop to look online
  23. Swear those that put together forecasts in the UK just roll a dice Easy in other parts of the world. Dubai - will be hot. Antarctica - will be cold. Chicago - will be windy
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