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  1. If this happened and I don't get resale for my other half I'm worried she'd never speak to me again Wasn't doja meant to be wireless exclusive
  2. Didn't Aerosmith self confirm
  3. Couldn't pay quick enough. Should also consider paying my rent today
  4. 8/8 and trying for 3 more. Wouldn't miss it for the world
  5. 1. Bad omens - Theres a couple of dud songs in there but the good ones make up for it 2. Frank Turner - his best album to date imo 3. Zeal and ardor - digging their sound big time
  6. a6l6e6x

    2021 New Music

    Yeh dare I get excited about a new biffy album, really digging the 2 latest and haven't liked much by them since 2010. Last album was okay, final track was my highlight
  7. a6l6e6x

    Marc Rebillet

    See you in London, guys a legend and live show looks crazy
  8. At least someone here knows who he is. Can't wait to see him live
  9. That's his 2021 tour, says he still intends to do the dates starting 2022 so still on for glasto?
  10. a6l6e6x

    2021 New Music

    I actually really like Ed sheerans new one shivers. Don't really like anything else by him
  11. Manchester super reds number one fan - don broco
  12. Yeh this Sunday wasn't great, we ended up watching 5 songs of Ed then moved over to justice who were great. Moved onto hacktivist in shangri la which was really fun
  13. I think we'll get a headliner this side of Xmas and I would like it to be elton
  14. A stadium show in December sounds cold
  15. Zebrahead - great fun Mcfly - busy, didn't watch all the way through Funeral - unreal, so happy to finally see them Skindred - were they cut short or something? Not sure what happened there Holding absence - unbelievable and possibly band of the day Don broco - absolutely smashed it, love those lads
  16. Waterparks have just been forced to pull out. Doesn't affect me but sucks for their fan base
  17. Would've liked history but Yeh great list that On my way now, sounds like the signal is still terrible there
  18. Very excited for today. Don broco setlist looked good, noone has put one up for ffaf so it'll just have to be surprises
  19. a6l6e6x

    2021 New Music

    This new little simz is pretty damn good Also a huge fan of biffys latest, best thing they've done in some time Don broco new song is the weakest they've put out from the new album by some distance but I'm still very confident that album will rule
  20. Are you not even allowed to take bottles of water into this? I'm super hyped though. 2 of my most listened to artists of the year (Don broco, holding absence) and a band I've loved but never seen ffaf all on the same day
  21. Hatfield currently forecast rain, time to start praying to the gods of sunshine Most excited I've been about a day festival perhaps ever
  22. Biffy looked good on tv just now. Decent headliner performance
  23. If there's any more freebies floating around I'd be interested. Architects are the only band on the line up I'd actually want to see
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