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  1. I worry that Calvin Harris DJ set will be a bit rubbish and also extremely busy
  2. Unfortunately this isn't really how the general public see it
  3. I have no recollection of this at all. Drank wayyy too much that night
  4. Any further news on this today or are we waiting for the revised schedule tomorrow now?
  5. The beeb forecast is currently perfect 😭
  6. Frank Turner is doing 50 states in america in 50 days. Anything is possible
  7. Really starting to think jp is green day. Would be special
  8. My feet are broken after glasto, could do without them being a mess when I arrive
  9. Silver Hayes silent disco is a great way to spend the final hours of the morning. Hope it returns
  10. Drank too much and I assume it fell out my wallet All I know is I woke up with a sore head, wallet in my jeans but no cash
  11. £50-£100 a day, more on the year where I lost £250 on the first night
  12. Not a risk I'd be willing to take I've had no email to say the train I've booked for 2 of my party will be affected yet but I think the full details are released tomorrow
  13. Already enquired about the coach ticket, they won't wait for you and you can't transfer the ticket I'd use buses and aim to get there super early to take into account expected delays
  14. Damn, that changed from my check yesterday. This whole weather thing seems very unpredictable
  15. I need this festival more than ever this year, work is not good right now. Don't think I've ever been so excited for anything before, 5 years away from the farm is far too long Lets make it the best one ever
  16. BBC report looks beautiful, only one I look at. Consistently right about everything. Except politics. And who to hire as childrens TV presenters
  17. Please be Green Day on John Peel, I'd lose my mind
  18. No ticket collection but with surge charges when everyone has the same idea, this will be more
  19. I've got 2 people on the 1035 from paddington which includes a change at Westbury. Seats reserved from paddington to westbury, free for all westbury to castle cary. Going to be horrific
  20. Probably passed out in my tent
  21. They have included glastonbury festival on the railway map so I think they are taking into consideration the demand for trains to the castle cary area
  22. Looks like this could affect trains on Monday as well as noone doing tests etc on Sunday night. Castle Cary is going to be an absolute nightmare
  23. I'll DM you Standing is ~£90 +fees. Cheapest seats knocking around the £70 mark I think. I only have a passing interest in foos nowadays so would prefer the tickets went to a proper fan
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