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  1. Wasn't there but she looked great for this whole set
  2. Had to look this up, he really hasn't done anything good in a very long time. Talk about peaking early
  3. a6l6e6x

    Taylor Swift

    Well Killers played John Peel which was barely a secret Saying that I really doubt she'll do a secret set
  4. Will have a quick read up on it I do quite like going into this stuff semi blind though. I remember seeing infinity war and at the captain marvel reveal at the end I had no idea what it was until some random 10 year old kid explained it to half of the cinema. Think it made his day having a bunch of adults listen to him intently
  5. a6l6e6x

    Taylor Swift

    Yeah that was awful, his set did absolutely pop off initially but then got pretty boring and he really missed a trick not having an actual band. Blood on the leaves could've been great with some actual instrumentalists
  6. I only ironically like this song but just hearing it I get that nostalgia from when it first came out Just turned 18/19 Going out every weekend Can almost taste the cheap vodka & energy drink All my mates living within walking distance Knowledge that I won't wake up the next day feeling like I've been hit by a bus So yeah shit song but good memories
  7. a6l6e6x

    Taylor Swift

    This. I'll be over the moon to just see her but would prefer it to be a greatest hits, dance your asses off kind of setlist
  8. Cool, I don't really know much about Marvel besides the films so everything is a new story to me
  9. 1. Architects - for those who wish to exist 2. Mogwai - as the love continues 3. Epica - Omega (goth metal which I seem to like)
  10. Best episode yet this one. Would love to see Strange turn up in the finale. Will Wandas kids continue as characters/be real once all this is resolved? Could they end up at Xmen school?
  11. Paul McCartney - 79 (-10) The Killers – 140 The Cure – 170 Radiohead - 136 Arcade Fire - 160 Metallica - 41 The Rolling Stones - 150 Beyoncé - 135 Stevie Wonder - 181 Neil Young - 135 Blur - 195 R.E.M. - 171 David Bowie - 220 Pulp - 121
  12. With the gov announcement and this just missing the unlock do we reckon it will be pushed back another year?
  13. a6l6e6x

    2021 New Music

    Today is pretty much dedicated to Architects for me, enjoying everything I've heard so far On another note new offspring is baaad
  14. Tracy Chapman Was it horrific? No Did it sound as I expected? Yes Overall thoughts Familiar with the big hits but never sat down and gone through the album, some really great tracks on there Would I watch her at a festival? Yes Would I listen to it again? Yes Will I investigate further? No. Score out of 5 3
  15. Tay Sway Dave Grohl Coldplay Eddie Vedder Miley Cyrus Trent Reznor Daft Punk (lol) Sigrid Lizzo Admittedly some of these would be very old in 25 years but not much older than Diana Ross
  16. So much stuff but being honest it's very likely I'll watch it all, probably skip on venom Just rewatched Guardians 2, obviously Adam Warlock teased at the end. With Guardians 3 so far off do you reckon we'll be waiting that long for his appearance? Or could he turn up for a bit in Thor Love and Thunder
  17. Wax Tailor What you reckon then? Enjoyed a couple of tracks but not really something I would choose to listen to - 2/5 Favourite Track? Just A Candle Feel like you would listen again? I'm afraid it's not for me Might you go off and explore more (or send you on your own wormhole)? Nope Would watch at a festival? Wouldn't choose to but don't think I'd walk away from it
  18. Agreed, I'm nominating Architects and it's not even out yet. I have a lot of confidence in those lads delivering off the back of their last 2 stellar releases
  19. Quite a poor selection of films added to disney+ imo. The ones I would highlight are Braveheart, Grand Budapest Hotel, Quiz Show and of course Con Air Still got Scrubs, American Dad and Futurama to keep me entertained I suppose
  20. Paul McCartney - 90 The Killers – 135 The Cure – 162 Radiohead - 141 Adele - 25 Arcade Fire - 130 Metallica - 135 The Rolling Stones - 130 Beyoncé - 118 (-10) Stevie Wonder - 165 Neil Young - 151 Blur - 176 R.E.M. - 137 David Bowie - 225 Pulp - 120 Prodigy - 41
  21. I don't like the Beatles, I've tried many times but I just don't get on with them Sorry everyone, probably belongs in the controversial thread
  22. Paul McCartney - 59 (-10) The Killers – 123 The Cure – 139 Radiohead - 115 Adele - 90 Arcade Fire - 135 Metallica - 130 The Rolling Stones - 125 Beyonce - 98 Stevie Wonder - 150 Neil Young - 161 Blur - 180 R.E.M. - 150 David Bowie - 204 Pulp - 120 Prodigy - 86
  23. Very happy with this, was really looking forward to them originally. Huge catalog of hits
  24. Unless some other unrelated pandemic crops up, tories ban all music related activities or a Marvel super villain attacks the country I'd say 99.99%
  25. 17 for me, I did miss 19 unfortunately, it looked great on BBC 17 had top weather, I had a really solid group with me and it was just awesome from start to finish. Highlight for me was the killers in john peel, up there with my favourite ever festival performances. Can't wait to get back there next year after a brutal 5 year break
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