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  1. Any thoughts on what time to arrive for the 1018 from Paddington? Will arriving early increase chances of boarding?
  2. Cheers, I'll stop panicking
  3. Bit late for anyone who would still want to test their stuff but I can vouch for reagant 2 different samples, 1 was legit, the other definitely wasn't If you're choosing to do mysterious powders get it tested if you can, I wouldn't want the fake stuff in my system at all. Have a safe festival everyone
  4. Wtf happened to the BBC forecast
  5. Feel like half of ticket holders won't even make it this year
  6. So are off peak tickets going to work on peak services?
  7. No announcement as far as I can tell. We are in a position where we had reserved seats and they've cancelled/moved the service and those are no longer available
  8. Game over, 90mm of rain in that
  9. Yeh this is my concern. I feel like there will be people struggling to get on a train at all during the day who would've previously gone on the Tuesday or Thursday Earliest my guys can get there for the 1018 would be like 830
  10. They won't be back until the legends slot in 2040. Heard it here first
  11. Since the trains don't seem to have seat reservations anymore it sounds like it will be a free for all From paddington will people know the platform way in advance? How early would be recommended to arrive for the 1018? Won't be able to enjoy myself until I know my guys are on this train
  12. Don't take anything you care about losing besides phone and wallet Get to know your camping neighbours and look out for each other I've never seen any trouble at glasto besides the dealers
  13. Very disappointed with the confirmations we've been getting after hearing some of the better names being thrown around
  14. Feeling like I've been hit by a bus while trying to get a train back to london. Probably also crying
  15. Honestly the weather looks completely fine. Don't understand the pessimism in this thread
  16. a6l6e6x

    BBC2 9pm

    Loved that What a great guy ME is. Love how open minded he was to letting things he didn't necessarily enjoy happen at something he created. Not many people who create a 'business' would just accept that kind of change of direction to please the customers
  17. That's decided. I'm only taking flip flops
  18. Wtf so jp is George ezra? That's terrible
  19. Is it raining there now. Is all hope lost
  20. Still wednesday trains from paddington to castle cary on the wednesday, think the schedule has been moved around a bit
  21. a6l6e6x

    Last day at work

    Tuesday, loads to do over the weekend so I can clock off and completely forget about it for a few days
  22. Agreed that this has killed my wednesday buzz a bit as I now have no idea how difficult it will be for 2 of my group to get there and how late they will now arrive
  23. Ground is gonna be harder than the Mitchell brothers
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