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    Silver Hayes

    Thanks for doing this, spinning it now. Some good stuff on there, also some stuff I don't get on with at all. I like the summer vibe dancy stuff. The DNB industrial type bits don't do it for me at all and give me a headache. Am I old
  2. a6l6e6x

    Silver Hayes

    I never know many of the DJs, use that area to just stumble into stuff. Some fairly recognisable names on there however
  3. Nice, will pick this up thanks, shame it doesn't come in any terrible colours
  4. Need a bag as mine has died over the years. Any recommendations for massive back packs? I'm taking the bus so will be attempting to get everything in one bag including air bed, sleeping bag but this could be ambitious. Tent will carry separate
  5. Yeh I'm loving this and first impression of the Kanye song is that it's his best work in many years
  6. Lionel was my favourite glasto set I've been at Wish I could've seen Kylie, dolly and cash
  7. Oh that forecast. Gonna bulk buy sun cream now
  8. Course! Saw them at download 2021. They were great minus some sound issues. Think they have new material this year
  9. Architects seem like a great fit for me, seeing them next weekend for the 50th time or something I really dislike while she sleeps, the only artist I've blocked on Spotify as they keep appearing on my playlists. Never understood how they are so popular Didn't realise code orange were around in June, will check that out Would like to see some names from slam dunk appear like electric callboy, caskets, Spanish love songs, nova twins Also agree deftones are the absolute dream on other
  10. Don't the camping shops blow up inflatable beds for like £2?
  11. Can't wait for the announcement today lads?
  12. Ghost would be an insane booking, they charge a lot for merch so assume they also have a high fee to play festivals
  13. The spider is awesome and I'm taking some newbies with me this year, can't wait for them to see it
  14. Kim is probably not one for the family gathering playlist On another note doja looked good
  15. What I saw of Harry looked great but the atmosphere just looks dead at this festival When I watch most UK festivals on TV I'm wishing I was there even for the acts I'm not interested in. I had no desire to be there for coachella
  16. a6l6e6x

    SE Corner Tactics.

    Headliners don't do anything for me this year so can see myself getting there early at least one night and spending some time in Temple and maybe another night around Shangri-La for the weird and wonderful. Block 9 isn't really my vibe
  17. Definitely checking out sugababes and oh my god its the church
  18. I could see Olivia doing the Sunday miley slot from 19 unless I've missed something and she's ruled out that day Doja subbing Billie makes sense
  19. Thought Coldplay looked great even though I don't like their music Outside of glasto bmth latest tour was visually incredible
  20. Bit worried about the potential clashes on this. Currently looks like there would be a lot that attracted me to the line up would get in the way of each other
  21. I definitely think Harry will be playing a afternoon type pyramid slot and I think he'd be awesome even though I don't know much of his stuff Doja is also gonna play she was just messing around and rightfully getting pissed off with those crazy fans 1975 secret set would be great. Could do a killers John peel job maybe?
  22. a6l6e6x

    Train tickets

    What destination do you pick for the festival?
  23. Yeh bread and roses stands out for me, always awesome in there
  24. Other for me I expect When there's nothing on I do love pyramid. So basic
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