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  1. Would like to visit the secret bar and definitely get in the hot tub
  2. a6l6e6x

    Arcadia v4.0

    When I first saw it I thought the people hanging from the cables were just punters they picked up. I was not entirely sober at the time Hope they start doing that
  3. What are the nearest showers to silver hayes area. I never care where I camp so just chuck my tent near gate a
  4. Ah good spot. the 85l eurohike posted further up may be a better bet in that case I do like all the pretty colours of this poor quality amazon one though
  5. Would this be terrible and fall apart? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Andes-Camping-Backpack-Rucksack-Luggage/dp/B00U2TAMJ8/ref=sr_1_5?crid=S7NAJT0U4VLF&keywords=camping%2Bbackpack&qid=1652170501&sprefix=camping%2Bbackpack%2Caps%2C166&sr=8-5&th=1
  6. Only thing besides a potential glastonbury announcement on my mind is watching the latest better call saul tonight
  7. West Holts at 10 would be delightful
  8. Unless a specific source is quoted I would just assume complete guess in this thread, which is the case 99% of the time
  9. a6l6e6x

    Harry styles

    No luck on presale which isn't at all surprising Is there a way to influence your chances with ticketmaster queues? I joined the waiting room on my phone after my laptop but was a few thousand people in front on my phone. Some very overpriced ones appearing on viagogo, obviously ticketmaster couldn't care less
  10. Architects were incredible last night. They would kill it at glasto, if I keep saying they should play then maybe they will
  11. Got a couple of people I'd love to sort out with a ticket but not holding my breath on a secret resale
  12. Don't know a single act on there. Cant wait to spend a few hours randomly wandering
  13. a6l6e6x

    Harry styles

    Does anyone have an idea how much his Brixton show will cost? (not that I'll even manage to get tickets)
  14. Pfft I know a guy that will break your legs for £200
  15. Almost dreading the full line up with times as I already know this year is going to be clash heavy
  16. Are the only showers the ones marked in Kidz Field?
  17. Yeah a must see based on name alone
  18. Apparently architects were fantastic in Leeds last night, looking forward to seeing them on Friday. Really think they'd be a great fit for the bmth 2016 slot on other since they've been getting some radio play recently and definitely impress passers by live
  19. Yet another fantastic episode of BCS Breaking bad is my favourite TV show ever made BCS is some serious competition. Such an intelligent show, will be sad to see it end
  20. Would give anything for this
  21. a6l6e6x


    This lineup is insane. Lots on there I'd see
  22. Just spend more time on here, listen to glasto playlists and become more active in the group chat. Already starting to annoy the other half with the amount I've started to talk about previous years and how excited I'm getting now. The 5 year gap was far too long
  23. Seen them about 7 times in the past 8 months. Will still go to this
  24. a6l6e6x

    Glast latino

    Pop in every year for a lesson, always a great time and fantastic atmosphere
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