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  1. GM Just dropped heavy hint on twitter : Steve Mason
  2. Re Manchester - I'm staying in the Travelodge at Sale and thinking of getting the bus to the show. Are the buses to and from pretty regular at 11 pm or should I drive and park? Also what's the food and drink options like inside the ground? Sorry for the questions - never been to Manchester before!
  3. Did you get your link - got mine in the form of a survey ? Apparently I'll be getting my ticket as a download in 48 hours.
  4. Thanks for this got Wednesday standing tickets -helps with the pain of not being able to with Glastonbury (a bit)
  5. Any thoughts on if they'll be back in UK next year and where they might play? Can't see them doing latitude again but what about Hyde Park? Any other festivals they might headline size-wise?
  6. Eventim advertising tickets again for Manchester both nights
  7. At risk of starting a mini stampede I've just bought a ticket off the eventim website - regular price 1st tier. My heart is still banging!
  8. I see tickets are available now on viagogo for 220.00. They appear to be selling fast and they have helpfuly put up the following advice: top tip buy now before they sell out. If these are genuine sales I guess even real Radiohead fans have their price. Thanks WASTE. Thank goodness the pre-inflated ticket prices have stopped the touts.
  9. Is that standing or sitting ? And how easy it to get a good view standing ? Normally always stand but I've got a long drive back after so might go for seated. Are the 2nd tier really bad?
  10. Thanks -. Haven't used them before or been to Manchester Arena. Any adantage buying on-line versus by telephone? Anyone remember how quick they sold out last time?
  11. The dates work , the distance is less good but be trying for tickets anyway. Any tips ?
  12. Thank God. I thought I was on the wrong forum for a moment ...Support for Gorillaz? I was there and despite getting crushed twice - once by the crowd rushing in and again 20 minutes later by them rushing out... I thought it was great gig. True Damon could have worked the crowd a bit more but it certainly didn't deserve the vitriol it's got on this site. Right now back to Radiohead playlist ...
  13. Ditto. Id echo Russys suggestion. Probably depends on what sort of music u normally listen to though and where. The first time I heard the bends just via normal stereo walking round the office I just didn't get it at all. It was only when I started listening in the car everything fell into place.
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