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    Music, music, music, pizza, music, sleep. In that order.....
  1. Paf_82

    T day

    Is it 9am yet? Just want putting out my misery ( or confirmation I can do a little jig of celebration).
  2. Didnt even get close this year. Only ever saw the holding screen with the countdown, Absolutely gutted but not going to give up - resales still offer a chance. It's not over till it's over.
  3. Address has changed to http://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2014-deposits/worthy-farm/800000/ for me
  4. Allways worth bumping this picture........
  5. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Stunning Pictures!
  6. Cheers, It is that busy at the park when the Klaxons are playing as secret guests. Either them or The Dead Weather can't remember which it was. Both were utterly fantastic - Friday / Saturday are a little bit hazy from last year!
  7. HI Guys, First post so please go easy, been lurking for a while. Getting really excited now, this year will be my 2nd Glasto. Not quite to the standard of some of the others in this thread (taken on phone) but looking back through them has put a big smile on my face! 12 days and counting!!
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