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  1. I think what people are asking for is for a few more people to be let into both venues when there is clearly room for them. That's all.
  2. Yeah it is a proper Maze of Zagor, like others have said better to go down the side. I do feel at times that absolutely nothing would shift some of those buggers from their chairs. Only major things is the capacity issues at the Tipi and the Big Top which others have mentioned (and in previous years, the comedy stage, though that didn't seem to be so much of a problem this year.
  3. I saw it last night and it jogged my memory.
  4. Have the Handsome Family ever played EOTR? They are made for it surely?
  5. A highlight which I've just remembered that can't be ascribed to the organisers was Mars shining so brightly over the Woods stage at night.
  6. Generally speaking I am fine with the kids, but I was wondering about parents that were taking a baby into somewhere they require ear defenders - perhaps they should be thinking about whether that is somewhere you should really be taking a baby. I am talking about specific stages here, not the whole festival.
  7. Slight back to normality depression kicking in now. This was the fourth or fifth one in a row, I can't remember and can't be bothered to work it out at the moment. The weather plays a big part as always and it was fantastic- last year on the Sunday I lost my sense of humour about it and went to bed early after a miserable day. Stand out acts included for me Zimpel/Ziolek, The Scorpios, Billy Childish, Mulatke Astatke, Sweet Baboo, Snapped Ankles (though I left before the end as I wanted to see Mark Watson, and I am ok with that decision) Idles and Feist- I was surprised by how much I enjoyed her set. I liked Yo La Tengo on the Thursday as well- obviously I'd heard of them but I have never investigated them. Toilets were fine in my experience. Not that many talkers but on Friday I had an unfortunate run of them at various bands with the end result that I ended up angrily telling a middle aged pair of blokes to shut up. I don't want to make enemies at EOTR- it is small festival and you are likely to run into people again- but I snapped. But yeah, its good. I really need to drink less at this festival- I felt like paste yesterday- but that isn't something I can blame on anyone but myself.
  8. I think there is something in the programme about a target date to stop using single use plastics at the festival. Not that it matters, I suppose, in the larger scheme of things but getting rid of the disposable cups will lead to longer waits at some of the bars as they pre-pull pints currently.
  9. Eventful apparently. https://www.cookdandbombd.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic,27696.msg3597896.html#msg3597896
  10. IBee

    Nick Cave

    It was a great moment and you made it. It made me full of joy. Thank you.
  11. Hello. I'm going to Green Man for the first time this year. I was just figuring out where it is held, exactly. Is Crickhowell within walking distance? And if so does it have any shops? I was wondering if it was worth going there to buy some food or whatever (fruit, that sort of thing) to save a few pounds? EDIT- I looked on the forum on the offical site, like I should have done before asking on here, and it is and you can.
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