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  1. We still have love and music. And that'll do for me in the meantime.
  2. Runner beans can absolutely do one though eh. It's all everyone ever grows in their allotments. Oh the runner beans are ready do you want a whole carrier bag full? Nope.
  3. The one I blagged my way in to.
  4. True and no complaints. Apart from the glitter-eye. That shit stings.
  5. Got to the NYCD at 2330 Sunday night for MAW at 0200. Wasn't missing that for anybody. Went to the "already-got-a-'tasche" queue on the left to try and blag it with real facial hair. Security guard at the front was having none of it and said to join the other, massive queue. Asked how much he wanted to let me in? "A fiver... be subtle" In. Got a full bucket of glitter thrown in my face at the bar - nearly went blind. Worth it. Shit went down.
  6. Best bit of the episode was when Rick came back and Negan said something along the lines of "Your people made me lose my voice" which was quite obviously ad libbed as his voice was breaking beforehand. Worst bit was the very end. Why were they all looking at each other and smiling like that? Cheese on toast bollocks.
  7. Suspect she's been papped off to that little hut on the outskirts of town to tend her vegetable patch, paint the white picket fence and generally bide her time until she's needed to come into town, guns blazing, to save the day. Again.
  8. I was doing some DIY last night. Painting the ceiling of the back room. Second coat, brilliant white, matt. When I finished I stood back and could see it beginning to dry. That was, by far and away, much more interesting than last night's episode of The Walking Dead. I hate this show.
  9. Renton walks into bar. Vera Lynn's Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart playing on the radio. Sickboy - "Hello Mark. So what you been up to? For 20 years." Born Slippy kicks in. There were nearly tears.
  10. Master at Work. Needed that cheers.
  11. ___S_o_m_a__

    House Music

    Good to see I may be talking codshit to some sound folk on the dancefloor down the farm x
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