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  1. They only care about card. Either UK debit card/UK credit card or credit card for anything else.
  2. So, I have a birthday today. I think someone will give me resale for my birthday, right? RIGHT?!?
  3. ChewieDC

    Kanye west confirmed

    I just don't get the people complaining. Of course I think that Kanye West is asshole and I am not interested in him, but am I mad? No, (black) jesus. Why? There are like 30 stages with other bands. Where there will be fewer people and I will have a chance to be in front of the stage? Yeah, I am all for it
  4. David Bowie, someone has to say it, right?
  5. ChewieDC

    Arcade Fire

    OK, I really did not expect David Bowie to guest (but, you know, I kinda wished he did) but no Blondie even though she played the same day and guested with them on Coachella? Cmon!
  6. ChewieDC

    Arcade Fire

    I was just looking at the BBC schedule and it seems that Arcade Fire gig will not be broadcast live. There will be something but only in one hour slot and with highlights from the day so it seems there will be only part of the performance. Something like Rolling Stones last year.
  7. ChewieDC

    NOT started packing!

    Well I have to fly into Bristol tommorow and I have a work till the last minute even this weekend so... I will be packing like an three hours before the flight. No panic there! (ok, little bit)
  8. ChewieDC

    Nick Cave

    But Glastonbury gig was the best and loudest I have to say. At Pohoda festival he was the headliner which means he played hour and a half which was great.
  9. ChewieDC

    Nick Cave

    So... I have made a little Nick Cave summer festival tour. I have seen him at Glastonbury for the first time and was blown away, so I followed him to Pohoda Festival at Slovakia, then at Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary a was able to touch him at FM 4 Frequency festival in Austria. Great summer I have to say
  10. ChewieDC

    Nick Cave

    And the best thing? Nick Cave have headline slot on Pohoda festival which means one and half hour gig. Huraaay.
  11. ChewieDC

    Nick Cave

    Well, this time they are not http://www.pohodafestival.sk/index.php/en/program2013/
  12. ChewieDC

    Nick Cave

    Well, I decided I'm off to Slovakia next week for Pohoda festival where Nick Cave will have similar gig. Bonus is Atoms for Peace and Smashing Pumpikns, cheap beer and small crowd so people can easily get to the front of the stage. Huraaaay.
  13. ChewieDC

    Nick Cave

    Well, I saw a lot of acts at Glastonbury but this Nick Cave gig was by far the best thing I saw this year. I was mesmerised, had goosebumps and did you saw how Nick Cave had tears in his eyes during his last song? Absolutly amazing performance.
  14. Sziget "Day 0" (10th of August) tickets in advance and on the site: 23€ Sziget "Day -1" (9th of August, the Hungarian band, Kispál és a Borz's last concert) tickets in advance and on the site: 23€
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