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  1. benc

    Lovebullets Police Sunday

    I thought I read somewhere about a gang and fake £20 notes in that area...
  2. benc

    Accident on the railway during kaiser chiefs.

    Not saying it's the case here, but it did feel like in general that drivers weren't being as patient this year when negotiating through crowds.
  3. benc

    16:30 Tuesday Gate D punter q report

    what time were the gates open last year?
  4. benc

    16:30 Tuesday Gate D punter q report

    No sign of a separate trolley queue then?
  5. benc


    The libertines ting was kept pretty quiet and no one knew until very late on, so it can be done
  6. benc


    otherwise Arcade Fire are trolling everyone
  7. benc


    It would be a bit weird to respond like that if they are not playing
  8. benc


    it sounds like 3 of the craft cider bars have been replaced
  9. benc

    Going with a young child - quickest gate?

    I don't think there is a quicker queue, sure some years any one queue will be quicker than others, but this is due to circumstances unique to that day.
  10. benc

    New security measures in place

    gotta be impossible to police. I bet all the announcements have spread panic about the queues, so the overnight queuing will be worse because people are trying to avoid queuing for longer
  11. benc

    On site observations

    My dad has packed two lots of insect repellent this year, never taken anything like the before, so was wondering if there is a mosquito problem this year
  12. benc

    On site observations

    I was camped outside the gate in a workers campsite last year and got searched when leaving.
  13. benc


    There was four last year, bandstand, silver hayes, williams green and glade
  14. I think your only option is to phone the festival and beg, or find your ticket.
  15. benc

    New security measures in place

    Most times I go though the search area, most of the tables are empty and there are almost no searches going on. I bet this time, it will be so that all search areas will be used and as soon as one becomes available, someone will be pulled on the queue. If all search tables are in use, then the queue progress as normal and people proceed to wrist banding