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  1. So far I have 2 boxes of red wine, a ltr of Vodka Might add to that a box of Dark Fruit strongbow and something else, not sure yet
  2. benc

    Gold Membership Time

    @eFestivals Do you have a link for Hotels.com? I book through them every week, no skin off my nose if you go via this website
  3. benc


    sword crossing action in the Arcadia field
  4. I've never found if stationary, more a way to slow down the rate people are entering.
  5. benc

    Leftfield Line Up

    Yeah 2011 on the pyramid if I remember correctly
  6. benc

    Resale Club 2019

    Do past secret sales tell us that tickets sale go live on the hour?
  7. It's not unpleasant to walk through, you wont get stabbed or mugged.. - it's not on the same scale of awesome as the rest of the site.
  8. benc


    No one has mentioned Buckfast, which is almost spelt the same as breakfast. No stove required.
  9. Tempted to take my Fuji x-T1 - I've taken a camera of sorts most years but never use it enough to warrant taking it..
  10. benc


    If foundations have gone down, does that mean planning permission would have been sought? Not suggesting the new installation will be permanent, but the foundations will be?
  11. I always struggle to eat when hungover and definitely don't eat enough for the about of energy used over the the week. I think it's a case of forcing something down. Salty chips are a winner!
  12. benc

    2019 Map

    think I read somewhere that sonic has been redesigned.
  13. benc

    Emotional Moments

    the first time you hear the clap of a long drop door
  14. I find the queuing system not so much a queue, but just a way to slow down people arriving into the SE Corner.
  15. benc

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Leave some trainers in the car for the journey back
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