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  1. I only popped along Friday night after Foals - Now, I was pretty wasted, but I had a great time at GA and C&S+CC.. visuals and lasers were great and no issues with the sound.. I may have been around the edge where the speakers are. I agree with it not needing big names.. gutted to miss KuruptFM for Macca though Also think it has become just another 'stage' to watch acts on... as opposed to thing in itself
  2. I had Covid for the first time 2 ish weeks before and felt rough for a week. I tested negative a week before. After the fest, I’ve felt rough again with cold like symptoms and tested negative a couple times.. I’m honestly not sure if I’ve caught it again, if that’s even possible! I’ve been pinged on the app a million times since
  3. the sound was awful for Diana - the crowd did a lot of the leg work and it was enjoyable for that reason
  4. People queuing for the urinals, and then just pissing against the urinal side rather then waiting 10 more seconds for a space to open
  5. We we packed up late morning Sunday, we packed up our area obs... I have a gut feeling the nos crew we we camped near probably were going to leave a trace but the other groups seemed to have kept tidy as they went along, so I have some faith in them. In generally, it felt a lot better
  6. Yeah, I'll try for tickets and I suspect I won't be too upset if I fail in the sale.
  7. I joined the queue to get in at around 4.30am this year - I'm always keen to get in early, pitch up in a convenient location and commence! but with it being so busy, there wasn't really much benefit being there weds/thurs and I only ended up tiring myself out. There was a magic about the weds/thurs that isn't there any more and it's costing too much in terms of energy and lack of sleep I think If I go again... I might arrive thurs evening and go all in on the friday/sat/sun
  8. Also bewildered by the amount of people in the pyramid tucking into one of those huge yorkshires - just not appetising at all
  9. The queues for food seemed way longer this year and I refused to queue that much - so this had an impact on my food choices this year Worst - Jerk Chicken between pyramid and Williams green.. perhaps I caught them at the wrong time but the chicken was dry Honorable mentions.. Caribbean Fried Chicken on West Holts Katsu - Chicken Katsu - maybe between Greenpeace / west holts?
  10. Queues for food are massive in some places - longer than normal
  11. Think I’m camped in between park home and pennard hill.. where glade staff camping usually is I think? I guess that’s general camping now.. still quite a bit of space 70% full
  12. benc

    Queue watch

    Are there zigzags at C or is it a straight line?
  13. benc

    Queue watch

    I joined that group this week, quickly worked out it’s a lunatic asylum and left!
  14. benc

    Queue watch

    I think there are similar rumours most years but gates open normal time?
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