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  1. Bob Dylan is the most disappointing live act I've seen. I know he's terse and he's gone through a lot of musical evolution, but throw the audience a bone now and again Bob. We want to recognise at least one sing! It was made worse by a Singaporean audience: getting excited at gigs just doesn't seem a thing here. Aside from the already mentioned Paul Simon (2010?), who was abysmal, I thought Laura Marling absolutely tanked on the Pyramid (maybe the same year), and massively regret leaving Broken Social Scene for Toots and the Maytals in '09. They were really, really flat and I've ne
  2. Led festivals

    Rum club

    This stuff is amazing. I was certainly a rum skeptic (probably because of basic white Bacardi) but a mate from Saint Lucia converted me. Sure, some of the darker ones are quite sugary, but there is also a level of complexity with tobacco flavours etc.
  3. I didn't notice the phone issue too much this year, not when compared to other festivals and concerts. It is also just a fact of modern life that we need to learn to accept. I am a teacher, and social media often feels alien and weird to me (old school message boards aside), but that is the medium through which a lot of students articulate their excitement and wonder surely? I also might have a slightly biased perspective because I was there with a bunch of newbies. They weren't too phone-centric (perhaps because they were in their 30s) and their energy certainly helped keep me going when
  4. I think realistically while we all want a return to glory days of easy tickets, the festival is better as a result of younger newbies coming in. The great thing about Glastonbury is the buzz, and sure, some of that is from the community of old-timers who call the festival a second home, but just as much comes from the wide-eyed first-timers who have never seen anything quite like it. I'm salty I've not got a ticket this year, but if this level of demand keeps the festival as vibrant and as culturally significant as it is, then it is for the best really. There's always volunteering!
  5. Greeting's fellow resalers. Not new to the forum, but an irregular poster definitely. Had a mare this year. A helper got through for the coach sale but didn't copy and paste from the spreadsheet and put things in wrong. By the time it was rectified, they'd gone. Still, it was nice to have people helping. If anyone is considering Oxfam, I can only add another voice to the positivity chorus. They are a lovely bunch, and you do see the festival in a new light. I currently live in Singapore though and finish work on the Friday before, so it makes the combination of jet-lag and a 7 d
  6. Failed from here in Singapore yesterday. We've lived here 3 years now (and two years in Bangkok) Will try again Sunday. Failed last year too, but got in with a volunteer place. We come back anyway to see family with our two young daughters. Glastonbury was my week away from Dad time. Hopefully doing the same if all goes well on Sunday. I did go in 2009-11 back when I was a student at Nottingham university.
  7. As a big fan of the new album I really enjoyed them at BST in Hyde Park last night, but the VIP barrier thing really separates the actual fans and I thought this made the crowd very indifferent outside of a few pockets. The sound was also so-so. I think everyone was really there to see Florence.
  8. Anyone else going to British Summer Time in Hyde Park? Not sure what to expect in terms of set times and beer prices. Massively looking forward to it, even if the 'festival' is a corporate w*nk-fest.
  9. I returned to two very poo-ey children. Manky nappies are rank at the best of times! Given that my wife allowed me to attend without the kids she's low on sympathy so I'm having to suffer the post-fest sickness in silence. I really should have cut the Sunday night short before the 3am dive into the SE corner.
  10. Led festivals


    There was an amazing katsu curry place somewhere. I went to it three times. It tasted pretty authentic to me, and came with great pickled toppings on top of the standard chicken/rice/curry element. I assume it was somewhere near William's Green as that was my standard route down from/ back to ped gate B. Hope it's there again next year. I also second the poutine. F'kin' amazing drunk food. I used to cynically moan that it was just overpriced, gimmicky chips, cheese and gravy, but now I'm one fully converted Northerner. They were great on sorting out people with food allergies/int
  11. One of these saved my life after my night shift. Massively recommend them if anyone's in need of a new tent. Not sure I'd have survived the festival without it. I didn't get back in after the shift until 7 and in years gone by the heat has woken me by 0930. I managed to get through until midday this year.
  12. Paul McCartney The National Future Islands Richard Dawson Tool James Holden Broken Social Scene Modest Mouse LCD Soundsystem Bon Iver
  13. It was certainly too hot to be stewarding in the sun. Got mild heat exhaustion after two days. Probably perfect weather if you're able to duck in to shelter for a few hours
  14. At around 1am the SE corner was fine. Wandered around and say Oonipa without any crowd issues
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