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  1. Absolutely, how did all these grumpuses turn the "worst lineup in the last 10 years" thread into something so darn negative. 🤨
  2. subjective adjective adjective: subjective 1. based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. "his views are highly subjective" synonyms: personal, personalized, individual, internal, emotional, instinctive, intuitive, impressionistic;
  3. Not sure if this has already been mentioned. If you're a keen drinker, Glastonbury is the perfect place to over indulge, you know the kind of thing, wine for breakfast, cider through the day, spirits at night. My advice is make sure you drink plenty of fluids that are not alcohol over the weekend. If you do not do this, come Monday morning you will be dangerously dehydrated, sometimes to the point of needing urgent medical assistance. I have never followed my advice on this in the last 24 years and have been all shades of awful come Monday, including the aforementioned medical assistance in 2010. Look after yourself, your friends and those around you. Make sure you, your friends and those around you are having a great time and you'll not go far wrong. I am one very jealous lizard.
  4. If you're in East 17, do you get to stay another ?
  5. SteveTLizard

    BRIT Awards 2019

    Mine wanted to watch some quality tv before going to bed, we're now balls deep in Celebs go dating, which to be fair is a step up. Currently watching the brits via this forum Matrix style
  6. SteveTLizard

    BRIT Awards 2019

    My 7 year old asked for Shotgun to be played the other day. Fantastic song there by Geno Washington and the Ram Jam band. Amazing tune, although you wouldn't have thought so by the look of disgust on her face. I dunno kids these days.
  7. This is why I'm on these forums every day, even though I don't have a ticket for 2019. Top find, currently listening to both albums. I don't suppose you saw John Grant up at the park Sunday 2011? I went on my own as none of my group fancied it, what an amazing gig, could have been a build up of emotion from the previous 4 days but I was blubbing like a child.
  8. So to summarise .... People without a ticket for 2019 ... "Yes please, that sounds like a great idea, I need Glastonbury in my life in anyway possible" People with a ticket ... "Nah, Glastonbury's special man, a one off, there's no place like it, leave it be ... if you haven't got a ticket chill out and do something else" * Personally I'd like to see a Joe Bananas themed festival where people dance around a stall selling blankets playing banging house music for 3 days non-stop. Who needs the naughty corner. * folk will reserve the right to change teams on the first Sunday of October.
  9. Just the one thing, that thing being the entire festival if I'm forced to view it at home through the "must give the "popular" bands all the airtime, and don't show anything of interest" lens of the BBC coverage. *** crosses fingers *** please, resale deities, bless me with tickets in April.
  10. SteveTLizard

    Resale Club 2019

    I could be wrong, but I don't think you'd be able to do this. Once your reg was used to buy a ticket in the coach resale you couldn't then use it again in the general resale. Can I join this club BTW. I know I've had a good innings, since 95 I've only missed 3, but next year will be my fiftieth year on this planet, I would very much like to raise my metaphorical bat to the pavilion down on the farm at the end of June.
  11. Nice one, I'm fairly convinced me and the missus are going to do it for our "no kids" proper festival next year. We went in 2010 when it was in the grounds of Stowe school. It was tiny then, nice vibe to though.
  12. Yep, done the week abroad off grid a couple of times. Tricky now the saucepan lids are in School though. I still ended up listening to Worthy FM by the pool and streaming BBC coverage just to kick myself in the nuts while I was there. I'll be giving it a bloody good crack in the resale and any competitions that crop up, not holding out a huge amount of hope though. Have you thought about working the festival, Oxfam stewarding or the like? People that have done it swear by it, some even do it every year rather than even try for a ticket. Pluses are decent camp with food and drink and hot showers. Downside would be you couldn't get too messed up as you need to be reasonably conscious when you rock up for your shift.
  13. And here we are, The Monday after the T-Day, the five stages of Glastonbury grief. 1. Denial. "well that can't be right, it says sold out and I haven't got a ticket, I'll just keep refreshing until I do" *stops pressing F5 at around 2pm Sunday afternoon* 2. Anger. "See tickets and GFL are all a bunch of useless bastards, the current ticket buying system is totally unfair and skewed towards <insert relevant group I'm not in>. The ticketing system needs a total revamp so I can get a ticket (see previous posts above) ... it's so f'ing unfair AAAARRGRRGGGGH!!!" 3. Bargaining. "I seem to remember uncle Frank lives in Somerset and sort of knows Michael Eavis, I'll give him a call, he should be able to get me in on the guest list .......... What do you mean "Michael who?" ffs" * desparately googles Oxfam Stewarding " 4. Depression. "Fuck it, I just can't cope without Glastonbury in my life, where's the vodka" 5. Acceptance. "Ok ok ok, I've heard Boomtown's as good if not better than Glastonbury anyway, I'm doing that" And no, I didn't get a sniff at ticket, but yes I can't see a fairer way of selling them.
  14. Very sad to say this is the only Glastonbury where I haven't gone home on the Monday. I remember it raining constantly from when we arrived Thursday to when we left Saturday afternoon. I can take a bit of mud, 1997 was one of my best, but standing in the constant rain just sucked all the life out of me. From memory (hazy and untrustworthy at best) I remember spending most of Friday in the bar at the bottom of the Pylon field next to the Pyramid field (Michael's Mead?). It was a swamp in there but at least it wasn't pissing it down. There was a hole in that was masked by the flood. Every time a new comer wondered in (including me initially) they hit the hole not expecting it and fell arse over tit, at which point the entire tent erupted. That kept us entertained for about 4 hours. Woke up Saturday morning with the missus in our £15 Argos tent, which by that point was half filled with water. We looked at each other and made the mad decision to put a stop to it there and then. Worst decision I made, friends that stayed enjoyed the sun for the rest of the weekend and some damn fine music, Blur, Tony Bennet, Bob Dylan. That did change my view on packing mind, which before then was tent, sleeping bag, Beer, consumables, a pair of shorts, trainers and sunnies.
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