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  1. I have an Emperors Field Ticket for 35 quid if anyone still needs one.
  2. Hi All, Unfortunately i wouldn't be making the festival next weekend, so selling my tickets at a discount if anyone is still looking: Weekend Ticket 1st Release - 129 FV - Will sell for 90 Emperor's Field - 45 FV - Will Sell for 35 Thursday - 30FV will sell for 20 Hope you all have a great time in the fields!
  3. Also have a free shuttle bus ticket if anyone wants it.
  4. Hi, i think i will have an emperor's ticket for sale.
  5. Might be looking for a single Emperor's ticket if anyone has a spare. Hopefully have one off another member but he contacted me late June re the ticket while i was away at footie in France. Hopefully he logs in soon and still has it for me.
  6. Enjoy all!! Wish was going this year. Fantastic lineup. Will make it to Paris the following wend.
  7. If anyone wants cheap food/drinks tokens pm have 2 sets of 20 tokens to sell will let them go at half price. Got them from the year of massive storm and aint attending this year and nobody i know from luxemebourg is attending so hope they don't go too waste.
  8. Hi all - wouldn't be making the festival this year but have 2 sets of drinks tokens which received after the tragedy a few years back. If anyone would like them at discounted price PM me.
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