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  1. I am writing to my MP well I woudl but he is a Tory so he will be off fox hunting or some sort
  2. I first went in 2004 and paid £112 So in 16 years the price has doubled. I hope this excess money is not going on that fucking Mcartney . have Freddo's doubled in price ? this is how I judge inflation. they are also pricing the youth out of the festival , then again i bet most of them, live at home and have more spare cash than I do .
  3. This is true, I spoke to some people at wilderness festival, they had tickets but were going to get a refund. they hadn't been before and thought it was too big and might be too muddy . I think they needed their heads reading
  4. Not just COVID , but I know a lot of people who's situations have changed , had Kids and what ever and now cant make it . so I think a lot of tickets will go back in
  5. just found it actually £1150 for 6 people so £200 a piece I may be getting old, but that isn't too bad value for someone who's tent needs replacing and is really fucking lazy , loves a shower and hates putting a tent up .
  6. shuttlep

    First Gig Back

    My First Gig back will be Elvan tonight in Manchester something nice and fluffy to ease my way back in
  7. I once saw a girl being lowered down in to the long drop by here friend to retrieve her hand bag. the maddest thing I have done, and this is totes crazy ... I put Jam on my scone before cream, . fuck me that was a mental day
  8. shuttlep

    First Gig Back

    not so much a Gig , but I was at Wilderness Festival last weekend, it was shit by Glastonbury standards, but as Festivals go it was ok . Actually it was probably the best thing for my first adventure back in to real life. it didn't take me long to forget COVID had ever happened, it was just amazing to see people walking in groups , hugging chatting shit, dancing, raving . it gave me faith that one day we will be back to normal, when for a long time I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  9. fuck I have just realised I am at a festival in two weeks ish, scary and exciting I am not sure if I will know how to act
  10. The Cure 2019 how can you not play Love Cats, i ended up falling asleep , Miley Cyrus was far better and I thought she would be dross
  11. Boris likes to think of himself as a great war time Churchillian like politician. he is doing anything he can to be that way
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