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  1. The Walkabouts in this part of the site are some of my favourite parts of the festival! The grannies on motorised trolleys and Vamos Theatre being particular highlights from past years!
  2. Stu H

    Croissant Neuf 2022

    In 8 years/visits I always seem to struggle to find here, not sure why!
  3. The Watt Bike isn't silent by any means, but my wife downstairs can't hear it and it doesn't bother the kids when in bed in adjacent rooms. It's a notch above my old crappy spin bike, but not much. (when I had an old training bracket thing, I found that very noisey actually!)
  4. I was torn between this and the WattBike. I'm not an uber cyclist, I like a decent 30-40km during the summer and had a spin bike at home to tick over. But I saw a number of boxers raving about WattBike as mixing up their training and a few footy teams used them during lockdowns when they couldn't get to training. I'm two weeks into some decent Zwift rides (3 or 4 a week), weight is coming off, fitness improving rapidly (even though my base level is always decent). Really really impressed. Yep, pricey bits of kit etc, WattBike is about £2k, but I'm going to now ditch my gym membership.
  5. Was there as well. I think the sound system in the Corn Exchange (or O2 now) is miles better than it used to be. I was quite far back and it was loud. I still think some of their tracks are made for open-air festivals!
  6. Stu H

    Field of Avalon

    I've missed the feeling of checking out acts on Spotify etc after the line up comes out and finding a gem or two.
  7. You do you, my friend. One of my major loves of Glastonbury is that there is zero judgement of pretty much anything.
  8. Generally pretty fit (I box, cycle, swim), but bought a WattBike and a Zwift subscription last week and it's ramping up my fitness levels already! Doing a near-8-week program ahead of holiday/Glastonbury so I'm a few pounds trimmer and festival-ready! 🙂
  9. Sorry if mentioned but I used to LOVE the Bourbon Blues Bar. Great vibe, always open late with top music (especially on the Thursday). Discovered 2 or 3 amazing things there in 2010/11.
  10. This is a great question! Tough to answer! Wednesday is that awesome 'wow, I'm back here' feeling. Thursday is when things start to liven up a bit, general wandering around and taking in the site again. A few bits to go and see. Friday I always wake up with the "right, here we go" excitement with so much to see and do. Saturday I wake up with the same "wow, still 2 days of this to go". Sunday is always a bit more solemn as it dawns it's reaching an end, but still plenty to do! Overall, probably Friday or Saturday.
  11. They looked incredible in 2009 with The Boss. Saw them once at a torrential rain T In The Park and they were still great! 🙂
  12. Latitude last year was £5.50 or £6 depending on the bar. I expect the same.
  13. Tremendous. Makes them a cert. https://mailchi.mp/crosstownconcerts/warondrugs?fbclid=IwAR2aG8cqm0uIdwIUSmdRL4g3XTnHEDayodFvrg5vUjelQdhjvkaLsG3U1Q8 Brilliant outdoor festival band.
  14. yep, love this place! Great for a late night sausage roll, or if you need bread for soups!
  15. I didn't realise there was a Co-op now - did that come in in 2019? Latitude had one last year and it was very handy.
  16. Eating at the many stalls, as great as they are, can be an expensive business, especially with kids in tow. Historically, I've taken a small camping stove which is great for soups, adding boiling water to packets or heating some ready-to-eat things. Anyone have any food 'hacks'?! A few of mine; These aren't overly cheap, but super tasty and easily heated in boiling water; https://basecampfood.com/search?type=product&options[prefix]=last&q=wayfarer You can store milk for cereal for about 24 hours in the metal bottles without it going off - a godsend for easy breakfasts for my kids! If you buy BBQ meat on the Wed morning, it'll be fine to use on a disposable BBQ later that day without refrigeration (don't leave it too long though!) The usual high energy biscuits / snacks Bananas, oranges and apples will last the festival Anything that you can add water to, is a bonus! Noodles, that kind of thing. Pre-made sandwiches, pastas etc will see you through your first day. You can boil vegetables if you need that fix If these all fail, cider is full of sugar. 😆
  17. Stu H

    Kids Field

    It's one of the only parts of the site with people at the entrance - mainly I think to stop children wandering off with no sign of parents/carers nearby! 2017 we only had a 12 week old, this time she's 5 and a 2 year old also in tow, so Kidz Field is going to be a main part of the site for us - also super handy that it's in a nice corner near Acoustic, Theatre, Circus - I love all that area.
  18. Adam Buxton, hugging Messy from Okido! 😀
  19. Hey all. Got back yesterday (long old journey from Scotland!). I'm a long-time Glasto go-er so trying not to 'measure' everything against that in any way! Overall, I just thought it was staggering to be back at a festival having even thought 3 weeks previous it was unlikely to go ahead. I thought logistically it probably went as best as can be expected, so it's difficult to grumble at anything really. To pull off even a reasonable line up given the travel issues, during a 'pingdemic' seemed to be a bit of a miracle. Pros: many! It just felt great to be be back in fields with everyone. I didn't see a single piece of aggro or silliness all weekend, everyone was lovely and the atmosphere felt great. Having a near-cashless event worked well for me. Thought the campsite (family) was spacious, toilets were generally clean, showers worked mainly ok (long queues at times, but happens everywhere). Loved the site in general, easy to get around, especially with a double buggy! Sound wise, stages were excellent and some awesome performances. Enjoyed the Trailer Park part of the site. Food was generally good - pizzas and naan stuff were great, only real letdown was fish and chips (overpriced, chaotic ordering and collecting). Cons: (don't read too much into these, it was a very unique set of circumstances this was all held under!) I felt like I queued all weekend! Food places were exceptionally busy, as were the bars later at night. But again, with isolating staff or other issues, not a lot could be done. The Kids Area was a wee bit of a let-down, I thought there'd be a little more for them to do, but on the whole, totally fine and they had a great time. The testing side of things was a bit wacky. I basically had to take another test in my car on the Sat morning retrieving some boots (anticipating rain, doh!). No real problem with that as a thing, only I then couldn't get on 4G to register the result!!! Thankfully we're unlikely to every have to go through this again, so not a 'Festival' problem. But it did lead me to panic a bit for 30 mins as my kids were still in the site with their mother! Only real downside; leaving the festival. Something happened on the A12, but the exit from family car parks was nothing short of chaos. People trying to leave from every direction and little management of it or info. A few fraught people. It often takes ages to leave festival sites, but this one felt particularly bonkers for a while. Kudos to everyone who made it happen. Yes it wasn't perfect, but it was certainly memorable under the circumstances and very much needed!
  20. Can understand the anxiety, I think we've all gone through varying degrees of similar! I really do think as soon as people are into the site, it'll be a glorious atmosphere and one where we can forget about the outside world for a few days. We all need the release, frankly! Hope you have a great time.
  21. Stu H


    thanks for finding this! Ideal! Combining a wash and refreshment in one go! 🙂
  22. Hey all. Long time Glasto goer, first time Latitude goer. Hugely excited as I'm sure you all are. Delighted to be able to give my kids another festival experience (2 and 4 year old) - looks like there's plenty for them to do and see. Night-time wise, is it all mainly dance music or is there other stuff going on as well? Not that it matters, everything's a bonus this year! Also, impressed there's a Co-op on site - is that usually well stocked? Thinking more for kids' breakfasts and snacks etc.
  23. It would make my summer if it was still able to go ahead! Had Glasto tickets as well from last year.
  24. I agree - though I hold out some misguided optimism that with furlough ending April, the legality being reviewed end of March, that there is light at end of tunnels. It's just whether it's enough time - as has been mentioned a lot in this thread, things need to be booked and paid for.
  25. I'm getting more and more pessimistic that it will go ahead. I think it SHOULD go ahead, but I'm starting to think it's too much of a stretch. By June, a huge amount of the population will not only be vaccinated, but have inherent immunity through previous infection (not to mention pre-existing immunity already widely studied and known to be a 'thing'). Quite why we need any restrictions whatsoever in June, I have no idea, but UK Gov will work on precautionary principal and make a good attempt at screwing the entire summer economy. If they cancel Glastonbury, what else goes? All the others? Edinburgh? All the stadium gigs? Everything across Europe? I guess we get ourselves prepared for that. Many will simply not survive another lost summer.
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