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    cash or card

    Glastonbury festival only provides Wi-Fi for the bars and that failed on various occasions, traders had to rely on mobile signal. With technology today and EE as a sponsor they should be able to create a site wide Wi-Fi for the bars and traders to allow card payments.
  2. 58.8 miles & 124380 steps from wed to Sunday, walked the furthest on the Thursday.
  3. Received mine this morning after a dispatched email on Tuesday, it felt like we were one of the last to get them in 2019 pretty sure it arrived the Thursday before the festival.
  4. All Paid, Bring on Glasto No 9 🥳
  5. link just started working for me
  6. Not great news Radio 1 Big Weekend cancelled due to coronavirus https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-51878354
  7. warmed up now, Sorry poor it skills
  8. Todays visit to the farm, Parked near the skate park on Pylle Road, went through Mary's Gate and down Brimley ln.
  9. sparkyswitch

    50 @ 50

    Myself and one other of our group are celebrating the big 50 next year, hope there will be some sort of celebration next year. Was there for the 40th but to hot to do anything.
  10. Got tickets this year and last year using one device, one tab on safari.
  11. All our group of 9 had our tickets by 9.15. Got them in the resale last year
  12. Mallets ok, some ok ipa’s in the elephant bar
  13. Just left behind a couple of patches of yellow grass
  14. Good to see a some craft beers and ales in the elephant and tap house although the other half felt that the atmosphere wasn’t the same as the Kasbar and chameleon.
  15. Definitely saw more people picking up there rubbish when moving on and the bin drop areas in the camping fields were emptied more often this year although. Can’t help thinking it would be different in a wet year !
  16. Piss poor crowd management between gate a & d. People bailing out of a que to go to gate d
  17. Joined Gate A q at 8am now 2/3 into the snake !! Recon at leat an hour or more before gate
  18. Another sneaky pick ? looks like loos at the back of the Field A
  19. Just spoke to a mate working on site and he said that they are spraying water in some areas to keep the dust down (obviously when it’s not raining)
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