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  1. bigsystem

    transport lost

    i think we managed to find two direct ones, so relieved but only 20kg allowance! means i can't bring the crates:(
  2. bigsystem

    transport lost

    wednesday if possible
  3. bigsystem

    transport lost

    The North East - Middlesbrough. all buses are sold out and it's an extremely awkward pick up point, it doesn't look hopeful! there are two of us
  4. i might buy, unsure yet however, weighing up my funds.
  5. bigsystem

    transport lost

    absolutely wounded, our lift has decided not to take us, not stuck without a lift and buses full, any ideas people?
  6. oh man i'm only 16, look older but nightmare. my drink wont fit in my bag:(
  7. I know this will have already been asked but is alcohol confiscated if no ID is present or are they lenient? thanks for any help
  8. bigsystem


    Hey fellow glasto-goers, doing my food shop tomorrow for the festival and was wondering what would be most appropriate!? taking a little stove thing so should i just pack my bag with pot noodles and water? cheers all! 4 days!
  9. bigsystem


    I am a definite stevie wonder viewer and it seems that orbital won't get much of a crowd? anybody choosing orbital over the iconic stevie?
  10. bigsystem

    Is it just me...

    i'm really pleased with the line-up!
  11. bigsystem

    Seetickets Nightmare !

    something else has gone wrong with see for me i paid full etc and got all confirmations, the money has been taken, but now my reference number doesn't work? anyone know how to sort this?
  12. bigsystem


    it was in the paper that it is rumoured slash will be joining guns n roses back on stage at leeds and reading but axl will not be singing, he will bring the singer.
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