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  1. KVShinedown


    Watching Dominion made me wonder, is there any aspect of presentation that NJPW is not streets better than WWE at? Characters, stories, match quality, developing stars.. even without Omega its just a completely different league. Although Ibushi is clearly determined to kill himself in the ring which isn't great..
  2. I quite like Rory Stewart, he seems intelligent and competent which is pretty rare amongst the cabinet. I suspect he won't have nearly enough support within the party though.
  3. As a book-reader, it felt like they took serious short-cuts to get to the ending. I understand that they can't cast every character for obvious reasons but cutting the amount of episodes in the last two seasons surely made a hard job even harder.
  4. KVShinedown


    Why not just have the Jericho-Omega match for the title? They're comfortably the two biggest stars in the company..
  5. It looks like the Brexit party will fairly comfortably come top in the election, but that the total vote share of no-deal parties (Brexit party & UKIP) and 2nd Ref/pro-remain parties (Lib Dems, Green, Change) will be similar. In an ideal world some common sense about how fucked our general election electoral system would come out of this, not holding my breath though.
  6. It isn't though is it. It generates sympathy for a c**t who deserves none. Would much prefer if people asked him challenging questions that would expose his ignorance rather than take the cheap (and arguably cowardly) option of chucking a soft drink at him.
  7. Who knows, although didn't he talk about wanting an FTA that was deeper than anything the EU had previously negotiated? He departed over differences over the withdrawal agreement not future relationship. Don't doubt that May and Robbins were all over negotiations whilst he was in cabinet but at the same time I doubt they stopped him from having more than 4 hours of talks with Barnier in the first half of 2018.. didn't Barnier even comment on his lack of interest in talks? My reading of him was that he was lazy and not the brightest
  8. Exactly what about his tenure as Brexit secretary made you come to this conclusion? 😮
  9. Very excited to be seeing Avalon Emerson at Sonar Reykjavik in April, she's become my most anticipated artist from the lineup.
  10. I went to Dimensions last year, amazing atmosphere and didn't see or hear about any trouble with police. I don't doubt that Croatian police can be heavy handed, but I reckon as long as you use the same caution you would use at any festival and you're not blatant/stupid you'll be fine.
  11. Hi all, theres an active camp loner group that camps in Red camp every year. Usually about 30 or so people. All welcome Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/218631851508119/
  12. No it doesn't. Its coverage of the violence in Nicaragua and Venezuela has shown that. Ortega and Maduro are not the underdogs.
  13. I think most people are underestimating Tunisia. They've only lost once in the last 12 months (against Spain 1-0). They've also drawn with Portugal and beaten Iran and Costa Rica in their warmup games. I wouldn't be hugely surprised if they get a draw against England or Belgium
  14. Bars serving draft beer towards the main stage, just past the firestone stage
  15. This. I think there has to be a response, if there isn't a response then it says to the international community that the chemical weapons convention isn't worth the paper its written on, but more importantly it tells Assad that he can use chemical weapons with impunity. Assad may continue to use chemical weapons on rebel-held areas but at the very least hitting some of his palaces or military infrastructure will make him think twice about it. On top of this, it will encourage Russia to put pressure on him to not use them, because they don't want the west to be more involved in Syria. If we do nothing then Russia will not have this worry.
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