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  1. Some big names being suggested, it’ll be all filler. No chance Supergrass or Vampire Weekend are being added, be very happy/surprised if I’m wrong.
  2. Lanyard sellers in campsite just after entrance doesn't take card.
  3. They just sit round campfires singing Cum Bri A my lord....
  4. Don’t want to start a new thread for another couple of questions... How is the phone signal/4g? Any WiFi on-site?
  5. I came back from just about every T with sunburn regardless of how bad the weather was. Sun would always pop out for an hour or two at some point.
  6. Ive had some tough weekends at it but I couldn't have handled more than a day trip that year. Stepped off the bus and my feet sunk into the mud and puddles within 20 metres. No amount of alcohol was lifting the spirits. Even inside the tents were swamped. Folk kicking the muddy water over you...
  7. Only went to T on the Saturday in 2012. Horrific.
  8. Would be ecstatic at some fresh lidl bakery products each morning.
  9. How long is the walk from car park to campsite?
  10. Did I miss the groupon sale?
  11. Chive Chive Talking Bee Gee headlining.
  12. Would be ok seeing Dave and would be a good afternoon singsong but just not the same without Chas.
  13. Back to the crap headliners it is then.
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