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  1. Got a confirmation email for them. Just nervous as the people I’ve got them for will kill me if I drag the tickets away from them now!
  2. Thanks for your help. Wish the e ticket would just come through so we knew. To test your theory I’ve just tried all the links posted above and they still go through fine so I’m worried my friends may all cumulatively scupper our chances.
  3. Ah sweet. So would the codes have stopped working once six had been purchased? Or does it work like a sweep up at the end where if a code has been used loads it will cancel. As they were put in to a rather large group chat and people have lost track of who used what :/
  4. Do you think there is a limit to how many times a code can be used? I purchased 4 with one code and two with another and wondering if some will get rejected and put back in to the pot. Money still hasn’t left bank.
  5. Anyone got e tickets or just the confirmation?
  6. Also if everyone has used that link and code. Will they not all be cancelled?
  7. Is it safe to click links on forums and buy stuff. I really want a ticket but I’m cautious about these things (no offence scorcho)
  8. Where can you still watch this?
  9. Villa Rosie

    New Order

    Not sure if it's been discussed already but is there hope of Elly Jackson appearing with them?
  10. I've activated the link in siblins original email but haven't had one since. Should I be?
  11. Is it bad I am actively organising client conference calls not to coincide with the hour mark....
  12. Can the thread name be changed?
  13. Been a very nervous couple of days! Hope everyone is successful given the dedication seen in here. Siblin is there any way I can sign up to your alert thing please?
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