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  1. Hello everyone! First time posting in a while. I got both the PS5 and Series X. But I'm so busy that the reason I got the PS5, outstanding single player and Street Fighter, has been limited Street Fighter, and games I can play without thinking about anything on the Xbox (Forza, FIFA, Street Fighter 30th anniversary). After the hellish school year that awaits me concludes, and I've got my dissertation for my MSc done, then I'll get stuck into these games. Or another Interpol tour. One or the other. Anybody want to play some Street Fighter V on the Xbox or piss around on Forza Coreinho is the tag on both
  2. An increasingly rare foray into the forums... I've got both the PS5 and Series X. However, the only true Next Gen game I've played is Astros playground, which has BY FAR the best original soundtrack I've heard in years, and probably the best I've ever heard outside of Halo and Street Fighter. Whoever did this should by rights be headlining stages at festivals, it's amazing. Anyway, I've just been using the PS5 to play PS4 games- started The Last of Us, but lots of SF5 and for F1 2020. On the Xbox, Fallout 76 seems to work reasonably well on it, and lots of MCC and Halo 5. Bits and bobs of other games as well.
  3. I very rarely come on the board anymore, but I thought I'd come back to announce my defection to PS. Xbox exclusives look very unimpressive and I couldn't give a flying fuck about playing games anywhere other than my front room. So I've got a Uni assignment due on 14th December, three weeks off work for Xmas, and I can't come back home. That's me, a PS5, and *hopefully* The Last of Us 1 &2, Street Fighter and maybe the Uncharted Collection. On my big new 65" UHD 4K all singing all dancing TV. I will get a new Xbox as well, there's too many games that I want to play upscaled, and I'm not losing hundreds of hours of Borderlands, but for now... Also, I got my mini SNES on my new TV. It looks fucking so out of place. hahah
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    There's rumours going around it's going to be at MSG on 7/6.
  5. Can you not just blag it? Two years ago I straight up went into my bosses office and said "Can i please leave two days early to go to Glastonbury?" He was fine with it. Now admittedly, this was an international school at the end of term. Are you back in work on the Monday? If so, fuck that.
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    He kicked his leg from right under his leg
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    JR is a commentator. You can have commentators for years and years, if they are good/legendary. ITV kept Murray Walker when they got Formula One, even though he was 73/4 at the time. And they would've gladly kept him for years if he wanted to carry on- even if he was starting to lose it at the end. In fact, sticking with the F1 example, I am convinced people disliked James Allen doing the F1 commentary because he wasn't Murray Walker. Same way people gave Michael Cole heat for years. Also, think about what commentators people are fond of today. It's the old ones mostly, or the ones who have been there for years. It's also the one's people can name. ITV Football? Clive Tyldsley. Sky Football: Martin Tyler. Cricket: Richie Benaud (and he's been dead for ages!), F1: Murray Walker or Martin Brundle . Golf: Peter Alliss. Darts: Sid Waddell (and he's been dead for years as well) etc etc. People like familiarity in their broadcasters.
  8. Why do you need a VPN? This website and SeeTickets works just fine without it. I'm in China right now and just tested this. I'm posting this without my VPN being on.
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