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  1. Hello, Me and 5 of my friends have booked a minibus leaving West Cumbria on the Tuesday night and returning on Monday afternoon. We've got 2 spare seats available (with plenty luggage space) for anyone who lives in Cumbria and doesn't mind meeting us on the way. If anyone is interested send me a message and we can discuss the cost and pickup details.
  2. What are they like for taking your luggage down? I read they charge 15 quid per extra bag return, what constitutes an extra bag?
  3. You absolute hero. Had never even thought of that.
  4. I think there probably will be shuttle buses from the train station etc, but i really couldn't think if anything worse than sitting on a train from Carlisle with lots of drink and a huge bag. I know national express don't run them, however i thought other coach companys might.
  5. Jesus, looks like i'm going to have to invest in one of those Pass cards. What will they even ask you for id for? Just getting drinks at the bar?
  6. I've already got all my tickets, and i was wondering if any coach trips run for an early entry? I don't mean the seetickets coaches, I mean standalone coach trips such as with national express. Anyone got any suggestions?
  7. what do they accept as id? not keen on taking my passport.
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