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    Nine Inch Nails

    Loved the Manchester show. Great atmosphere, and happy they're mixing the setlist up even more than usual and not automatically wheeling out the set staples. Nice to get a few that I've not seen before like Sin, SICNH, Discipline, Wretched, Only, AATCHB... And the mass sing-along to Every Day Is Exactly the Same was unexpected - didn't realise it was so popular. Shame they're not headlining the Other this weekend
  2. Well I'm on my way and am heading to a British festival without wellies for the first time ever. Time to see if the walking boots obsessives know what they are talking about!
  3. Back home in rainy England. Had a really great week which has flown by, though can't believe I spent my last evening queueing 4/5 hours for Interpol (and not getting in). Madness. Did manage to see Slowdive, Shame and Wet Leg though, and met some great people in the queues while having a few beers, which made it a more enjoyable experience. But yeah, the midweek gigs were more stressful than needed, especially given they were the main reason many of us stayed for the full week. Definitely need some serious re-assessment in the future. The shuttle buses to Placa de Catalunya were also uncomfortable experiences, and while our hotel location was generally good, I would be keen to avoid having to use them again in the future. Obviously echo people's comments about the Thurs, mainly the bar situation. Once this was sorted, and we'd sussed the main toilet points/sinks, things were much improved. Act-wise, was disappointed to miss out on The Strokes (as well as The National and Interpol) but enjoyed pretty much everyone I saw. Beach House, Slowdive, Warpaint, Fontaines, Les Savy Fav, Shame, Let's Eat Grandma (even with the tech issues) were all excellent and Nick Cave brought a tear to the eye despite being mostly unfamiliar with his work. And fair play to Porridge Radio for still putting the effort in to turn up when her band were unable to. The crowds on the Thurs meant I adjusted my plans a little and focused on my main acts, while the lineup ended up falling so I didn't have to spend a lot of time navigating the Mordor crowds, which I didn't mind at all. Binance in particular seemed to become my 'main stage'. Bits was a nice area but only got a chance to go there once - they definitely should do more to attract people to take that long walk over there without the bridge. Overall I would hapily go again, depending on the lineup. Though my friends and a few of the people I chatted to might need a bit more convincing the organisational issues have been sorted. Enjoy weekend 2 - wish I was there!
  4. Slowdive were so good, and there was a great vibe down at the front. Definitely one of my festival highlights. Already feeling the FOMO about not being here for weekend 2. Just Interpol left to try battle into tomorrow, though the Poble Espanyol lineup does look tempting
  5. Managed to get into Razz 1. Pretty rammed inside, but delighted given one of the main reasons I extended my stay here was for Slowdive.
  6. Yeah, just arrived and the queue is massive. Annoying as just been killing time for the last few hours. Will see what happens.
  7. Anyone at Razz yet for a Slowdive queue update? In the local area and debating when to head to the venue
  8. Yeah heading over to Let's Eat Grandma on the Thurs after being in the packed Tame Impala crowd was really enjoyable and a bit of relief. The space, lack of bar queues, and sitting on the grass while waiting for the band to start. Never went there again, unfortunately. Probably would have done if the bridge was accessible.
  9. Got in 15 mins late for Shame and went straight into the pit. A Primavera highlight
  10. Still in the queue for Razz 2. Looks like might miss out on shame, but had a good time chatting and getting pints from the bar across the street. Definitely will be turning up early for Slowdive and Interpol
  11. Is there a bag policy for Razzmatazz 2? We've been out and about all day and fancy seeing Shame later but doubt we'd be able to go back to the hotel first. We've got the same stuff we would take to the main site.
  12. Yep. Was hoping they would just bump up all the Mordor acts, and allow for both. Loving Barcelona so far (somehow got into Wet Leg last night), but a bit of a stinger not to be seeing either The National or The Strokes now tbh
  13. Gatwick Vueling check-in / bag drop not too bad at the mo. Busy, but nothing out of the ordinary
  14. Here we go! On the train down to Gatwick. Won't be relaxed until I put my bag down in the hotel room! Feels like a lot could go wrong before then. Flying with Vueling, but hearing reports about bag check-in delays. Considering taking my case straight to the gate and paying the €25 fee, even if that means sacrificing shower gel, suncream etc
  15. Let's Eat Grandma is a great addition for me, though awkwardly placed at the other side of the site and straight after Tame Impala. Guessing I might have to leave early for that. Was planning watching Pavement, but not that arsed about seeing their whole set
  16. The Friday always seems to be stacked, but this is next level. The clashes are ridiculous. I can't even watch the Libertines open the festival at 11.30am without it clashing with English Teacher. And Bored At My Grandma's House - one of the few Introducing bands I know - have been plonked in early evening clash central. Really could have done with some of the acts moving to the sat/sun, which seem fairly straightforward days for me on first glance.
  17. Just seen The Strokes news. Would be gutted if they pulled out. Not a mega-fan or anything, but they were one of the bands that shifted me from nu-metal back to indie as a teen, and still haven't managed to catch them yet. Was hoping this was finally the time. At this point, I guess we ain't getting a NIN or Arcade Fire replacement, so will just hope this somehow ends up with me being able to see The National as well as Warpaint.
  18. Lubic87


    She was excellent in Leeds last night (despite the lack of Team...). Surprisingly elaborate stage show for an academy gig. Felt a bit old surrounded by screaming teens seemingly having a religious experience. Another medical incident in the crowd though. That's 3 in my last 4 gigs. Beach House and Alt-J had to abandon songs midway because of them. Also noticing an annoying trend of people packing in to venues when doors open, and not budging for hours. No bar/toilet visits etc. Not sure if the 2 are linked (dehydration) but it's making getting a good spot more difficult, and is no good if people are fainting all the time.
  19. I have the original non-f&b version of this and it's excellent for a single camper. Doesn't have the f&b material but has loads of ventilation. Will upgrade whenever it finally starts falling apart (2014 and counting). On a side note, when I went to Melt festival 2018 in Germany, the entire campsite seemed to be a sea of white fresh & black tents. Definitely much more prevalent than at Glasto
  20. Just saw Beach House tonight, and while they were excellent, it got me really excited about seeing them again in Barcelona. So close now, folks!
  21. Just hoping the full lineup arrives before Primavera. Would take weds morning, as it would give me something to look at on the journey there.
  22. What a good lineup that was. Saw 7 of those acts including a couple of 3-act runs on the Fri night and Sauna Saturday. Looking forward to seeing what they have lined up this year
  23. Don't know much by them other than the obvious songs, but enjoyed their IOW set on tv last year. Caught by the Fuzz went straight on a few of my playlists. Hoping to see them on the farm.
  24. Lubic87

    The Park 2022

    Lots to like there. Courtney could be my sunday headliner, though I couldn't really get into her latest album.
  25. Yep, this is the most painful clash for me. Saw Warpaint last week, but they were so good and can't see myself missing one of my favourite bands at my first Primavera. Overall that's wiped out a few acts I wanted to see unfortunately, but it could have been worse. Surprised they haven't bothered replacing Massive Attack, but there we go.
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