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  1. Echo these sentiments. I was prepared for an underwhelming lineup, given the rumours/other festivals, but was hoping I'd at least get 2/3 of my favourite acts to really look forward to. Glastonbury has never failed to deliver for me on that before, which is probably why I found this poster so disappointing. That said, there's a fair few acts I at least have an interest in. Add to that the TBAs and post-research acts, it should end up being 'reet.
  2. Didn't notice Chvrches had been ruled out 😔 That was the biggest disappointment for me - thought they were highly likely for JP headliner. Let's Eat Grandma is another disappointment, though they could easily be on a later announcement. No Beach House is another big miss for me though. Would love to see them again.
  3. Lubic87

    Must see's and Maybe's

    Honestly, this lineup is more disappointing than I feared it would be, for me personally. Easily my least favourite since I started going in 2011. No must sees, and none of the acts I was hoping for. Gutted 😔
  4. Gonna turn off my work alarm, and wake up tomorrow to the beautiful 'ping' of the efestivals "stand by yer beds" tweet alert. I'll have the Official Glastonbury lineup announcement tweet as my emergency snooze, just in case.
  5. System has been down all morning at work - would have been ideal for the drop. Gonna be 2 days of doing no work at this rate. Love it 😎
  6. Had slim hopes that Alvvays might make an appearance, but just seen they're supporting The National in Chicago on Glasto Friday 😔
  7. Aye. Couldn't justify buying tickets to their tour, but would love to see them on the lineup.
  8. Thought 'that can't be right', but just checked Leeds and it's £92 return. That's £20 more my See coach, and I'm sure National Express used to be the slightly cheaper of the two. Maybe they were cheaper around t-day.
  9. Aye, sad news. I too thought she was nailed on. Makes The Strokes APE tickets a bit more tempting for me, mind.
  10. Lubic87

    2019 New Music

    Aye, made sure I was there nice and early for a spot front centre! Let's Eat Grandma were were excellent, as were Chvrches. They surprisingly played Tether, which is my fav song, so think it was meant to be! Get them both in JP, Chvrches headlining, and I'll be very happy.
  11. Lubic87

    2019 New Music

    Cheers! And aye, the Friday factor definitely helped my decision
  12. Lubic87

    2019 New Music

    Missed their set due to my mate picking me up late, and then proceeding to miss our motorway turnoff when we were nearly there 😠 I love Chvrches but was equally looking forward to LEG. So I've just purchased a ticket for tonight as well ha. Bit mad, but I feel like there's unfinished business.
  13. Lubic87

    2019 Headliners

    Killers and Cure are alright. Pretty underwhelming after the Mac rumours resurfaced, but slap bang in the middle of the 'would watch if nothing better on' category. Was one of the few people who left the JP during Frank Carter to head elsewhere, so haven't seen them since Leeds 08.
  14. Alvvayyys. Definitely due a return
  15. Did a reunion gig at the Roundhouse a few months ago which was ace. New album is out soon (just saw a link to a stream of it on their fb page)
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