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  1. Lubic87

    The Cure

    Well I've been listening to Disintegration all week, so they've certainly made a fan of me with that set. Bit of regret that I didn't put in more effort to get to know the songs beforehand, but I guess it was seeing the band live that made me properly understand what The Cure were all about.
  2. Lubic87

    Is It Too Hot?

    That's the thing. I voted 'too hot' as there was a point early afternoon on Saturday where I definitely was thinking it was too hot, without the breeze. But I would 100% take 2019 weather every time. And yes, Sunday was perfection.
  3. Lubic87

    The Killers

    They were fantastic - couldn't have done any more. I hadn't seen them (or listened to them much) since Leeds fest 08, so was happy to see them again, but they were never at the top of my Glasto wishlist. But as soon as they started up with Jenny I was fully on board, and the atmosphere never dipped throughout. They'd already completed the job before the encore, but that cemented it as one of my favourite Pyramid sets (along with The Cure).
  4. Yeah was on the barrier for that too ha. Nervy times watching them messing around with the equipment! Was a great set in the end though.
  5. Loved it. It's hard to say whether it's my definitive favourite, as I've loved them all, but this ticked all the boxes. Met some lovely people, and the crowds around me were always great. Saw some brilliant sets: On the barrier for Let's Eat Grandma, front centre for The Cure, partying to the Killers. And then there was Fontaines, Jeff Goldblum, Kylie, Vampire Weekend, Pip Blom... I could go on. Very happy considering I didn't have many absolute must sees when the lineup came out. Weather was pretty great - no rain! The only negative was the heat getting to me a bit on Saturday afternoon, while sweating profusely, and hayfever kicking in. Eventually decided to just accept it, and throw myself into the WG tent for Fontaines, which sorted me out. Oh and Let's Eat Grandma not doing their 3am set was disappointing. Waited at the front for nearly an hour before a rabbit-man emerged from his burrow and told us they weren't playing due to tech issues. Will look back on this one with very fond memories. Felt particularly sad walking back to my tent after Fontaines' 3am set. Hope to see you all at 2020!
  6. Did Williams Green which was insanely hot, but a really great performance. Rabbit Hole was absolute carnage from start to finish. Was at the front for the start, and midway through the opener I was near the back! Not sure if this is what my body needed in the final hours of the festival, but the band sounded good. Also saw a bit of the Leftfield show from outside the tent while on my way to Billie Eilish.
  7. Lubic87

    The Cure

    So good. As a Cure newbie, part of me now wishes I'd spent more time investigating them beforehand. But what a way to hear some of these songs for the first time. Their sound blew me away - much more epic than I anticipated. Will be working my way through the back catalogue, and very keen on seeing them again.
  8. To be honest I could probably have these in any order: Let's Eat Grandma - central on the barrier for one of my fav bands of the last year or so. Disappointing they didn't turn up for their Rabbit Hole set later, but it wouldn't have topped the main set anyway. The Killers - pure crowd pleaser from start to finish. Had a great group around us, and you could tell the band put everything into it. The Cure - Barely knew anything beyond the obvious songs going into it, but will definitely be diving into their back catalogue over the coming months. Stunning set - they have a really great live sound. Somehow strolled in and ended up central on the 3rd row which was the best view I've ever had on the pyramid.
  9. Lubic87

    Is It Too Hot?

    Friday was hot, but the breeze made it mostly bareable. Saturday was absolutely brutal until the clouds came in. Fontaines DC in Williams Green was the hottest and sweatiest I've ever been in my life. Will no longer be saying 'the hotter the better' in the weather thread! Sunday was perfect.
  10. Well, the out of office is finally about to go on, and in 24 hours I should be close to arriving on site 🍻
  11. This is true. Casually dropped the battle between the European high and the Atlantic low into conversation at the pub over the weekend, and everyone looked at me like I'm mad. Maybe they're right, but at least I'm not alone!
  12. Colleague just started lecturing me about the weather prospects for this weekend, as if I hadn't been lurking in this thread since October, and as though this would be brand new information to me. Amateur.
  13. Mid 20s would be quite a bit hotter than 2017 (apart from that wednesday where it got to 32 degrees). Definitely sun cream weather!
  14. Morning all. We nearly always go for Thurs coach tickets, but tried and failed for weds this year. Coach doesn't leave til 12.00 tomorrow, so will be setting off in exactly 24 hours. Gonna be a long day!
  15. I was the lead booker in my group, and it came to light earlier today that only I had received a coach e-ticket. I'd assumed everyone else had received their tickets individually, and they had all assumed I had received all the tickets! They all called seetickets this evening, and requested for their coach ticket emails to be resent. They now have their emails. If you don't have enough time to do that, I would just print off the booking confirmation email as proof of purchase. Also, if you track your order on seetickets customer service, it shows your coach and seat numbers on there - so maybe take a screenshot of that too.
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