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  1. Lubic87

    Parklife 2018

    First Parklife experience. Went mainly for Chvrches and, annoyingly, it pissed it down almost exclusively during their set and the half hour wait beforehand. They played well but it dampened the atmosphere a bit. Sun was back out for LG and he played a great set. Parklife seemed a decent enough festival, but I felt very out of place. I was definitiely one of the oldest people there, and it lacked the diverse crowd I've experienced elsewhere. Young, glittery, laddy, and all very Love Island. Also the music in general wasn't my thing, so was a bit frustrated LG played before Skepta as it meant standing at the front of the main stage for Sigrid, Everything Everything, Chvrches & LG, and then killing time until closing when my coach was booked for. Overall, I enjoyed the acts I came for (and discovering the chicken katsu place from Glasto had made an appearance) but can't see myself returning.
  2. Lubic87

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Nice - just got a Leeds ticket. Stylus is far from my favourite venue, but somehow ended up central on the barrier the last time they played there, despite missing the support. Hoping for the same again!
  3. Lubic87

    Which Is The Best Day?

    Went with Saturday, but could have voted any of them really. Well, except Wednesday. My only experience with that was 2016 and spent all day stuck in traffic ha. Made it just in time for the fireworks, mind. Thursday's always massive fun - arriving, setting up camp, the grand tour (even better if there are newbies), and spending the evening at Williams Green. Friday always seems to have a packed lineup, and a lot of dashing about watching bands, which means I often crash relatively early after the headliners... ...but as a result have loads of energy for Saturday. By this point I've usually nailed the band/chill ratio and it often ends up being my favourite day of the weekend. Sunday is bittersweet, but we're always determined to go out with a bang, and use the slightly quieter crowds to make the most of the SE corner til dawn. Always a great night. Definitely gonna miss the place this year!
  4. Lubic87

    2018 New Music

    Enjoying the new Chvrches album. It does sound a bit overproduced (they should have stuck to doing it by themselves - My Enemy and God's Plan are 2 of my early favourites and were self-produced...), but there's enough there to look forward to seeing live.
  5. Lubic87

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    Didn't do much for me on first listen. American Sports was the only track that made me note which song I was listening to. Shame, as I didn't really care for AM either. Hopefully a few decent tracks will emerge on future listens.
  6. Lubic87

    2018 New Music

    He'll have their customers queuing outside Apple stores for vinyl before they know it. -- New Beach House album is lovely. Still think Lemon Glow is the best thing they've done. Gonna give the new Arctics album a first play shortly.
  7. Lubic87

    2018 New Music

    Good stuff. Also, 10 years since The Slip... feeling old. Back then, Trent was at the forefront of technology and digital releases. Now he's pining for the good old days of no mobile phones, pushing vinyl, and selling tickets 'offline'. Hipster.
  8. Lubic87

    Fleetwood Mac announce 2018/19 Tour

    November 2019 was quoted in the article I read. If that's the case, you can't blame them really. They might have died of old age by then.
  9. Lubic87

    2019 Headliners

    Thats the trio I went for when discussing this with our group. Strong across the board. I probably wouldn't pay to see FM again without Lyndsey, so soon after the last tour, but they'd still be a pretty great sunday headliner
  10. Lubic87

    Arcade Fire

    Haiti and Ocean of Noise... that gets my stamp of approval. Loved Manchester (Suburban War ) but wish I could've done both. Been itching to see them again all week.
  11. Lubic87

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

  12. Lubic87

    2018 New Music

    I like the other 3 tracks but this is really uninspired. I hate that Imagine Dragons woah-oh thing that many bands seem to lazily build a chorus around these days. They apparently did this track with a different producer to the rest, so hopefully just a one-off.
  13. Lubic87

    Arcade Fire

    Almost the same list and order as me. Just add Manchester Arena 2011 in above Birmingham. My problem with Glasto was that I was trapped near the entrance to the pit and it had really poor sound there. Was pretty gutted at the time as I've never been looking forward to a gig as much as that. TV footage looked good.
  14. Lubic87

    Arcade Fire

    I believe the standing entrances are always the same at the arena, and designed for a usual stage layout. Also, when the support band came on and only faced the one side, everyone from the other sides all moved around to watch them, and probably stayed for the duration. Win's main mike is on that side too so it did kind of feel like that was the stage front. But like you say, the other sides get all the crowd action.
  15. Lubic87

    Arcade Fire

    Nice shot - they used that 'cage' lighting for one of the other songs... cant remember which. And yeah, I wasn't sure whether the smoke machines had exploded! Not sure what it was like in the seats, but the standing area was a complete white out for a good 10 mins. Got down early for a good spot on Win/Regine's side and they were a lot of fun. Good vibes in the crowd. Got a big applause when they reappeared.