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  1. That it's Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday!
  2. That I should be getting my house key back soon !
  3. That the new Limp Bizkit single comes out in a couple of days!
  4. About the Limp thing it hasnt been announced which festival yet but Kerrang say they have some news and whichever festival It is I will be going to that one! I reckon probably Download though. Its 17:18 now and pitch black and has been for a while. Same I can't wait for that! Although I will have to wait a lil longer as I work till 5:30!
  5. I'm happy that I'm going to be going to a festival this year to see Limp Bizkit!
  6. Aww crap I missed it too, iplayer later. Derren Brown thing looks good too I'll make sure to catch that.
  7. I saw Slipknot at Download a few years back and now I have the DVD of it, such a good experiance, it makes me happy just thinking about doing it again!
  8. Slipknot headlining soni and its Friday! no more work for two days yay
  9. I'm seeing Steven Merchant on Sunday thats what I'm most happy about.
  10. That its Friday and I have a very busy very great weekend planned.
  11. I suppose. Just a bit out of order to pass it onto people who dont want that.
  12. Haha yeah. Most of the time people show no symptons at all.
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