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  1. mrtourette

    Football 17/18

    The trouble with Strachan is that he's inconsistent; yes they did well in their last few games but I imagine there's no faith or confidence that those performances will continue and that there's far more chance that at the start of the next qualifying campaign they'll fall back into the disorganised unfocused mess that they were at the start of this one. While a nation like Scotland will have fairly low expectations regarding winning things I imagine what their FA want to see is consistency and a planned or focused approach to what they do that they can use to build on. They never got that with Strachan, however as you say who is out there that is willing and able to do so? Worst case is that they take the "well he did well with limited resources at Everton" approach and ignore everything Moyes has done since, another option that I imagine is very tempting is to try and copy Northern Ireland and find an inspirational option from within the current national pool, although that's easier said than done. I imagine Derek McInnes will be targeted due to Aberdeen's relatively good achievements over the last three years.
  2. mrtourette

    Football 17/18

    Gutted for Wales. After the humility and realism shown following the Euros they definitely deserved a place. Still, when the World Cup expands to include a quarter of the nations in the world they'll have a better chance. Saying that Ireland don't really deserve a place, dreadful football. Hopefully they won't get past the playoffs and ruin three games in the actual tournament. England are joyless and charmless with no soul or character. Unfortunately they will ruin at least three games in the tournament. At least the Welsh have character. Australia beating Syria was depressing, mainly because they are another tedious footballing nation. Tim Cahill's sponsored goal celebration was a new low. Given their previous results and performances the US didn't deserve to go through but what a set of events that transpired to put them out. Good line from the Guardian football podcast - something like FIFA have spent £73million on conferences in the last two years, yet it only would have cost £64million to install goalline technology in every country in the world. Nice one FIFA.
  3. mrtourette

    Football 17/18

    Heading the ball seems extreme, but football organisations definitely need a better attitude towards concussion and head injuries. It absolutely needs to happen. Just because football isn't considered as dangerous as rugby or American football doesn't mean the dangers aren't real. Was it two or three years ago that Hugo Lloris got concussed and was sent back on as soon as he could stand, visibly still affected? And the excuse was "we asked him and he said he was alright to play on". How the hell is someone suffering from concussion supposed to make an informed decision about that? Football needs to take responsibility for this sort of injury.
  4. mrtourette

    Football 17/18

    It's been a common argument from all the ex-strikers in the media defending Mane, but it's irrelevant. Just because someone didn't get punished correctly doesn't mean the next person to do so should get let off or treated leniency.
  5. mrtourette

    Football 17/18

    You have to wonder what Palace were expecting - coming out and making grand statement about changing the playing style (again), appointing someone with limited (if any) alternatives to the desired style and then giving him a team wholly unsuitable to playing that style with little time or money to implement what they wanted. Also complaining that De Boer wasn't exactly approachable when discussing the failings and lacked the interpersonal skills to get a resistant squad to buy into a completely different way or working - no shit. Did they actually know who they had employed? De Boer is not a great manager but you have to look at Steve Parish and the club and wonder if he/they had any idea what they were doing. The performance against Burnley was greatly improved and they should have won, but what could the chairman do after he publicly suggested that De Boer would be sacked if they lost. Did a box of 'stupid pills for football club executives' destined for the London Stadium get delivered to the wrong place? And now what? After all the bluster in the summer about a long-term solution to play attacking football they'll go back to a fatherly old guy who makes the underachieving players feel wanted and plays safe defensive football. It may well be more successful and help them scrape out of the relegation zone, but if I was a Palace fan I'd have little hope for anything other than the same at best every season. I hope they get punished for their stupidity and get relegated.
  6. mrtourette

    Football 17/18

    Yeah with City moving to three at the back and looking at Kompany's injury record and the erratic form of Stone and Ottomendi he has a good chance to be playing semi-regularly.
  7. mrtourette

    Football 17/18

    It's a tactic as old as time, and not just in football - make yourself (or more commonly your agent) an increasing pain in the arse but make it known to your intended destination not to worry as you're only doing it to force a move, and hope those at your current employers get fed up with the 'distraction'. The fact that players and agents will be in constant communication with the intended destination makes it easier to manipulate the situation. It's just a massive game of chicken, Dmitiri Payet last season was a good example. He got what he wanted, West ham had to row back on comments made about selling him and at what price, lost their best player and pissed what money they got for him up the wall. Of course it's easier to do with weak and desperate owners and managers, a smart player/agent will recognise when it's not going to work before kicking up a stink. I suspect that either Coutinho either doesn't really want to go or he and his agent know that Liverpool won't sell him, so will go down the 'we'll build up goodwill this season we'll be off next season' approach.
  8. mrtourette

    LCD Soundsystem....

    It's an odd one, they headlined the tent at Reading a few years back, has being away really increase the clamour for them? They seem like a hipster's wet dream now.
  9. mrtourette

    2015 Wishlist

    Would it make you literally cry?
  10. mrtourette

    2015 Wishlist

    It does state that "more details of the events planned for the weekend will follow shortly", so I guess that's enough of a hint to point at GNR and Pixies.
  11. mrtourette

    2015 Wishlist

    They need to do something different to Download, hopefully this new direction will pay off.
  12. mrtourette

    2015 Wishlist

    I assume this is the point where MetalliCrow claims that a one-off concert at Knebworth promoted by Killi is what he was talking about all along.
  13. mrtourette

    2015 Wishlist

  14. mrtourette

    2015 Wishlist

  15. mrtourette

    2015 Wishlist

    The only saviour might be that whoever is running the Soni FB page is clearly a fucking retard.