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  1. That's what they did last time they played. Great set.
  2. There are disabled/viewing areas at the bigger stages, although the website states "Please note that our access customer facilities cannot cater to people with temporary impairments such as broken bones, recent injuries and pregnant women. The facilities are for the specific use of access customers and we kindly ask that you please respect this." So looks like no dice. The website also states that the access applications are closed and that the team don't really check e-mails before the week of the festival, so I wouldn't hold out much hope for a response. I can't believe they would refuse arena access to someone with crutches, but it's also unclear whether you can take in a folding/camping chair. The disabled/access section says you can but the general info says you can't, so maybe you can only use them on the viewing platforms.
  3. What are the tripe and barm cakes like on site?
  4. Mantra, The Distillers, FIDLAR, The Mysterines.
  5. 5-10 minute walk past the site and you're in Caversham, with plenty of pubs and shops if you don't want to eat at your campsite.
  6. That tent is way too small for The Distillers and IDLES.
  7. Works out pretty well on the Sunday, no clashes between The Distillers, FIDLAR, The Mysterines or Foos, and bonus bar time in between.
  8. There's a pub pretty much opposite the turning off the A4074 that goes down to the white campsite (Pack Saddle or Packhorse, I forget which), they could get dropped off there but it's still quite a trek and from memory they'd be yomping down single track roads with no paths. I'm not surprised that they discourage pedestrians entering that way. If they were going to use the recommended route there wouldn't be much walking 'through' the festival; they could walk down the river to green gate, get their band and then walk straight back out, and continue along the river to the white campsite.
  9. Yeah headliners on the main and second stages generally follow each other, although other stages will clash.
  10. After all these years nice to see thewayiam still talking arse and thetime still picking him up on it.
  11. The trouble with Strachan is that he's inconsistent; yes they did well in their last few games but I imagine there's no faith or confidence that those performances will continue and that there's far more chance that at the start of the next qualifying campaign they'll fall back into the disorganised unfocused mess that they were at the start of this one. While a nation like Scotland will have fairly low expectations regarding winning things I imagine what their FA want to see is consistency and a planned or focused approach to what they do that they can use to build on. They never got that with Strachan, however as you say who is out there that is willing and able to do so? Worst case is that they take the "well he did well with limited resources at Everton" approach and ignore everything Moyes has done since, another option that I imagine is very tempting is to try and copy Northern Ireland and find an inspirational option from within the current national pool, although that's easier said than done. I imagine Derek McInnes will be targeted due to Aberdeen's relatively good achievements over the last three years.
  12. Gutted for Wales. After the humility and realism shown following the Euros they definitely deserved a place. Still, when the World Cup expands to include a quarter of the nations in the world they'll have a better chance. Saying that Ireland don't really deserve a place, dreadful football. Hopefully they won't get past the playoffs and ruin three games in the actual tournament. England are joyless and charmless with no soul or character. Unfortunately they will ruin at least three games in the tournament. At least the Welsh have character. Australia beating Syria was depressing, mainly because they are another tedious footballing nation. Tim Cahill's sponsored goal celebration was a new low. Given their previous results and performances the US didn't deserve to go through but what a set of events that transpired to put them out. Good line from the Guardian football podcast - something like FIFA have spent £73million on conferences in the last two years, yet it only would have cost £64million to install goalline technology in every country in the world. Nice one FIFA.
  13. Heading the ball seems extreme, but football organisations definitely need a better attitude towards concussion and head injuries. It absolutely needs to happen. Just because football isn't considered as dangerous as rugby or American football doesn't mean the dangers aren't real. Was it two or three years ago that Hugo Lloris got concussed and was sent back on as soon as he could stand, visibly still affected? And the excuse was "we asked him and he said he was alright to play on". How the hell is someone suffering from concussion supposed to make an informed decision about that? Football needs to take responsibility for this sort of injury.
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