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  1. doves are reforming and announcing dates...just going on record to say I bloody love doves and would love to see them at eotr, but possibly not the right festival for them.
  2. 3 things to change? Someone mentioned sinks on another thread? A possible logistical nightmare, but would be great if they could be utilized somewhere on site for washing/ cleaning teeth etc. Would save having to wait to fill the kettle in the morning while 6 people ahead of you wash there hair and go about there daily beauty regime (you know who you are, chaps...) Another covered area would be an excellent idea, in case of another rainy sunday. Possibly up by the rough trade/ big top area? Appreciate space is at a premium.. Improve the WiFi and dont charge for it.
  3. A bit late with this, but here goes for 2018... Arrived Thursday, got caught with the homeless donation...Had a bit of a laugh in the snakey queue due to us realising that the security guard had clocked my two lads (22 and 24) when we joined the queue and us saying all the way in "he's going to stop 1 of you", ...and he did. Thankfully this was our 7th year so no glass or contraband... Enjoyed Shopping, and tried to enjoy Yo La Tengo but struggled, frankly. Also went a bit crazy on the Ale/ Gin/ Rum/ Warm Cider for some reason. Thursday night was a chilly one, grateful for the blanket purchased from the clothing stall. Traditional Breakfast on Friday at the Bus, which was excellent as ever. Enjoyed Red River Dialect, Josh T Pearson, Fat White Familyand really enjoyed Hiss Golden Messenger. Split between St Vincent (technically excellent, but a bit too choreographed for me) and Jeff Tweedy, who we enjoyed. Didnt enjoy Daniel Blumberg. Saturday was a strange one for us...Watched Screaming Females and Boy Azooga, but between 2 and 5 we just went back to the tent and relaxed in the glorious weather..Never done that before in 7 years, but it was great, having a few drinks and reading a book i purchased from Rough Trade. Back on site to see the wonderful Mulatu Astatke, and Gruff Rhys. Was pleasantly surprised by Vampire Weekend, and watched the whole set. Translated very well from spikey Indie to a field filling sound worthy of a headliner. Sunday was all about the Garden Stage for me with Richard Dawson, Wave Pictures, Jonathan Wilson all on top form. My biggest disapointment of the weekend was Julia Holter. I had been looking forward to seeing her, but she seemed disinterested from the off, and the sound was appalling. Left after 3 songs and wont be bothering again. Anyway, Ezra was excellent, but for me the best set of the weekend was White Denim, who delivered everything that was required to send us home with ringing ears and a shit eating grin. Thought the food selection was good again, with the always great Dish Cafe still serving the best Brownies ever. Actually bought an EOTR t-shirt this year for the first time, as the colour choices were much better. Beer was good, with some of the £4.50 offerings being very tasty (Gulp especially...). Toilets were not as good as previous years, but still way better that any other festival i have attended. Very good natured crowd as per usual, and there did seem to be more kids this year, but not a big problem for me. Thanks for reading.
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    The cinema is usually open early morning, if I remember correctly. Have a vague memory of watching Fantastic Mr Fox in a semi drunk state one morning...Hope that helps.
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    Rain is pretty much guaranteed at some point, if only because I spent last weekend spraying Fabsil all over our tent...
  6. Never tried to post, so not sure, but there may well be one in the small outlying villages if you are desperate?
  7. A friend of mine stayed in a B and B in Shaftesbury last year, and got a cab to the festival every day, and a cab back as well. Don't know the exact details but I am sure ( knowing him...) that it wouldn't have been too difficult to organise. Hope this helps.
  8. That, my friend, is the mighty Dish Cafe, which we discovered a few years ago. None of our party are vegetarian, but their range of gluten free cakes, coffee and tea prices, Humus snacks and salads are fabulous. It has become the coffee and cake break of choice for us.
  9. Arrived Thursday afternoon for our 6th EOTR..No real queue drama, although we arrived about 3pm. Tents up, including a third outing for the Sky Blue teepee, which srves as a perfect landmark. Onto site, and had a few Ciders. Really enjoyed Slowdive..Possible contender for Loudest Band i have seen at EOTR?? Friday dawned, hit the Tea Bus for crumpets and coffee. 1 thing i noticed is how hard the staff work on the food and beverage stalls. The same girl served me on the Tea bus several times, both in the morning and late at night. Anyways, Musically a very strong year in my humble opinion. Daniel Romano, Jens Lekman, Ryley Walker, Lucinda Williams were all excellent. My two lads enjoyed Mac, but not my bag. Saturday was HOT...Courtney Marie Andrews was very good, and Sinkane lived up to my expectations. Bill Ryder- Jones...Meh. Band of Horses and FJM were both very good, with the latter being one of the best Headliners i have seen at the festival. We went down to the comedy stage after FJM, and saw (part of) Die Roten Punkte, a German comedy duo. Very poor, sad to say, and left after 15 minutes of a 3 minute gag stretched too far. Sunday...The much heralded rain arrived. I have the same concerns as others on here, that when it rains the site muds upo very quickly (although nothing like Glasto or a certain IOW fetsival i attended), but also the general lack of a large sheltered area which wouldnt go amiss. Anyway, enjoyed Rolling Blackouts very much, and then spent a painful couple of hours taking down a wet tent and lugging gear back to the car. Half of our group sacked it, but we watched the mighty King Khan (just book him every year) and a bit of Bill Callahan..( we were waiting foir Marika Hackman in the Tipi but, once again, technical gremlins coupled with an atmosphere akin to the Palm House at Kew meant we left. She was 30 minutes late by this point...) We left site at around 10-45, and had to pick our way across the car park afetr the bottom exit track became virtually impassable, certainly in a small Corsa loaded to the gunnells anyway. A fine weekend, a few more dickheads than usual, excellent toilets as usual, roll on 2018...
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