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  1. cham08

    Bar Prices?

    Was £5.70 a pint of ipa and £5.5 a pint of 3.3% cooking lager at the cricket At old Trafford yesterday
  2. cham08

    Pop ups

    Seems fine on my phone now 👍
  3. Sunrise Thursday 2013
  4. This is another of his, the crowds must seem so much bigger for the little people
  5. Gave my 3 year old the camera for a day last time we were there. Great insight into what they look, the painted bins, flags,food stalls, signs etc. All had part of his finger on though. returning this year after a few years with no luck on ticket day. This time with 2 kids. Only got one camera, there will be arguments
  6. Friday - bit of Stormzy then Frank Turner Sat - Killers possibly Sun - CATQ or the Streets - janelle monae has been removed as have seen her before and havent seen either of these
  7. Ours arrived this morning. 😁
  8. Charles Bradley in 2013 (I think). played in Pussey parlure at about 1am. It was 1 in one out and the queue of people outside waiting to get in probably had more people in it than the tent. Unfortunately i was in the queue
  9. cham08

    SE Corner

    Yes can walk through the area with kids - obviously best during the day when it is quieter. Never been in at night with kids. When Craig Charles played for 4 hours in the afternoon it was great fun and our child loved it. We went to see beans on toast one late afternoon/early evening (2015 I think) it got really busy, was worried we would be able to get out with the cart etc. Child was fine, just the parents who were panicking a bit. Turns out no need as like all my glasto experiences, people are pretty kind and helpful. we will definitely be having a walk through at some point during the day - hopefully when something/one we want to see is on
  10. cham08

    Avalon lineup 2019

    More excited by this than the main poster. Avalon is always my favourite area but the line up this year exceeds all expectations
  11. cham08

    day and stage

    Bar steward son of val doonican on Sunday at 12.30
  12. cham08

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    👍 love a bit of frank. Seen him so many times since first seeing him in the queens head in 2010
  13. cham08

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    where has the frank turner tbc info come from ?
  14. cham08


    Also I think they have blank white wristbands at the welfare tents that you can write your phone number on for of the kids get lost
  15. cham08


    Eldest son went 3 times before he was 3. Having not got tickets for a few years he will be 6 with his 2 year old brother this year. The younger they are the easier it is to have a ‘normal’ Glastonbury. We have camped in the masses, near south park and in wickets family. Currently debating where to stay this year. Wickets is great, clean, lots of space, fence round to stop the kids wandering, but is miles from where we spend most of our time green peace, park, Avalon. They do have kids composters in the family fields but best to have a travel potty. Last time we were there our 3 year old strolled up to the toilets, walked in, took one look and said I am not going on that. other than having some form of wagon plan well in the morning, use the lock ups for strategic placing of stuff for easy access later in the day. Saves trecking back to the tent. A Glastonbury with kids has to be better than no Glastonbury. It is not going to be the same with kids as without, but life isn’t. What you miss out on by having your child there you gain by having them there. Kids don’t mind the mud - far less so than the adults. My 3 year old last time spent many happy hour running through the puddles. Just more of a pain for the parents trying to keep them dry. I am parking at ashcombe park and ride as can’t risk being parked in the furthest car park on the map like last time. Bit of a random order in my post but just putting things down as they come to my head.
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