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  1. It will be Roskilde for me if I don't get a ticket in the resale. The Glastonbury of Northern Europe.
  2. Anarion


    Quite enjoyed it on first listen. Like Lightning struck me as an early favorite. Also loving the vibe of Neptune.
  3. Anarion

    The Zone

    Nothing but my chrome tab, the numbers, and a slight panick that makes it hard to breathe and my arm feel numb. I just want it to be over
  4. In April 2018 I started running for the first time in my life and in April 2019 I completed both a marathon and an ultra marathon. Being in such good shape made Glastonbury so much better. I couldn't believe the difference. Constant energy to do whatever I wanted, no back pain from standing up for hours, not needing more than a couple of hours of sleep each night... was amazing.
  5. I'm hoping for an improvement on the weather next year. This year was alright, but I didn't appreciate how much the temperatures dropped Wednesday and Sunday evening! Loved the heat during the day.
  6. Anarion

    Janelle Monae

    Still haven't gotten over this show. The energy of Janelle was out of this world. I do wish the crowd would be a little more unhinged though. Manye people close to the stage were stood just watching instead of dancing/singing/getting involved. How does "if you try to grab my pussy cat, my pussy grab you back" not get a rousing singalong?
  7. Anarion

    Glastonbury Tattoos

    Would spend the time finding the correct artist, whose style you love, and work out the design with him/her. I have a black grey realism Glastonbury tattoo, and it took me so long to find a tattoo artist that wanted to do the Pyramid stage, due to all the details, but when I finally found the right artist it turned out great.
  8. Anarion

    Photos please

    Yea, that's me Was really looking forward to Swimming Girls, was great until she lost her voice
  9. Anarion

    Flops 2019

    Just realize the way you talk about women, calling them dirt whores, makes you a pathetic asshole.
  10. Anarion

    Photos please

    Good excuse to start eating obscene amounts of shitty food!
  11. Anarion

    Photos please

    I enjoy this of my tattoo and the Pyramid stage in the background
  12. Anarion

    The Cure

    Watched it yesterday. They were great, even though I find most of the songs a bit boring. I take it Robert Smith usually isn't that animated and happy?
  13. 1 Janelle Monae 2 The Killers 3 Aurora
  14. I do love dwelling on it, and it's a good sort of sadness. Just telling of how much it means. I can listen to a song now or watch a video and be right back in that field.
  15. Damn people sticking their fingers in my mouth and rubbing my gums fucks me up every year ?
  16. Anarion

    Flops 2019

    Robert Smith actually interacted with the crowd though. He seemed like he loved it and wanted to be there, and that it meant a lot to him. Such things are picked up by an audience, even if the artist isn't very talkative/animated.
  17. Anarion

    Flops 2019

    There's a big line between a smile and a quick "Hello Glastonbury, thanks for having us" and Brandon Flowers gallopping around onstage. Paul Banks just had a thousand yard stare and looked miserable. Fact is that there are good live bands, mediocre live bands and poor live bands. Kings of Leon definitely belong in the utter crap category. But I agree that it is my own fault. I didn't read up on Interpol and their live performances beforehand, just listened to their songs on Spotify. I should have done more research.
  18. Anarion

    Flops 2019

    *** spammy link removed *** Don't disregard things other people like as bullshit. I just don't see why they bother touring. They can just put cardboard cutouts of themselves on stage and play the songs from Spotify. Would be almost the same thing.
  19. Anarion

    Flops 2019

    I just hold artists at Glastonbury to a higher standard. The songs were great and nicely performed, but other than that they phoned it in. They know that an audience at Glastonbury has sacrificed seeing a score of other great bands and artist, but still it seemed like they didn't care. Just perform the songs, pick up the cheque and go home. To me that's not good enough.
  20. Anarion

    Flops 2019

    You didn't miss much with Interpol. They were stood on stage like statues, with zero crowd interaction. Set list was missing Pioneer to the falls and Lights. It all fell very flat after All the rage back home. Even the John Peel-scene guy who entered the stage immediately afterwards seemed a bit perplexed and apologetic. It's easy to tell when he is really impressed, like after Future Islands in 17, but he didn't have much to say about Interpol.
  21. The National is the biggest failure I've seen in that slot, for the reason you listed and ending with Turtleneck, and they are my favorite band. Also a mistake on the festival's part for putting the band in that slot. Other notable duds imo are Black Keys (felt so flat) and Beck (people were exhausted/uninterested/just waiting for Coldplay).
  22. Anarion

    Is It Too Hot?

    For me, if it's muddy/rainy I need walking boots and need to drag around water proof clothes in my backpack, and it takes forever to walk from stage to stage. This year I slapped on some sun factor 50 and were out in the sun as much as possible. Didnt even use a hat or sunglasses. Have the greatest of tans now, and was never burnt. In 2016 I stayed almost exclusively at John Peel because of how sticky the mud was. This weekend I visited all the stages and saw so much more. Fascinates me how different people view these things.
  23. Camping fields looked much better this year. It helps that all the tents are dry and free of mud.
  24. Greatest Glastonbury of all time. Have slept for only 8 hours since Thursday, which was possible cause of the weather. Already full of anxiety about tickets for next year.
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