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  1. The amount of excellent bands playing festivals this summer is nothing like I've ever seen before. Just look at the line-up for this "random" festival in Madrid: And that doesn't include bands like The National and Arcade Fire, who are also playing festivals in Europe this summer. Such a shame there's no Glastonbury this year. Considering the bands that are touring it could have been really special. Just felt like having a little rant. Even though I've booked trips to other festivals and shows, it still really stings to know that I won't visit Worthy Farm this year.
  2. Anarion

    The National

    Now, after several listens and too much wine, I think there's no doubt that Empire Line is my favorite song on this album, followed by The System Only Dreams and Walk it back. The last minutes of Empire Line is bloody gorgeous. Also love Matt singing "Until everything is less insane I’m mixing weed with wine" on Walk it back
  3. Anarion

    The National

    They are my favorite band and I like the new album well enough, but I find myself harboring an intense hatred for Turtleneck. Not only because it's so damn basic for a band with so many amazing songs, but also because they decided to close their effing Pyramid set with it. Walk it back is growing on me though, after not liking it at Glastonbury.
  4. Anarion

    Arcade Fire

    Have listened to it two times now. Can't stand all the Abba and disco-vibes, and Infinite Content and Infinite_Content is awful beyond belief in my opinion. I didn't expect much after they released Everything Now, but will probably listen a bit to Creature Comfort. Kudos to them for trying new things and not just repeating past glories, though.
  5. Anarion

    The War on Drugs

    Really enjoying all the new tracks, especially Strangest Thing. And the 11 minute long Thinking of a Place is really something. Hoping for more songs like Red Eyes on the new album though.
  6. Anarion

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    This Springsteen stuff reminds me of the 5-6 times I've seen Pearl Jam in arenas. PJ fans are just as crazy and show up just as early, with the same number system. What surprised me the most was how many people were watching literally every single one of Pearl Jam's shows an entire tour, travelling from city to city for several weeks. Gotta admire the commitment. I really love how at Glastonbury you can show up an hour before a major headliner and get a great spot in the pit, then drink some rum (which you wouldn't be able to take into an arena) to get the proper buzz.
  7. Anarion

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Still can't believe I've watched Radiohead headline the Pyramid stage and how magical it was. Sort of put a downer on the rest of the festival for me, cause it was impossible for any other bands to live up to Future Islands into Radiohead :/ Watched the concert again yesterday, and I've never experienced such excellence from start to finish, continually building and building into something bigger and better - each song following the last perfectly and creating this magnificent whole. Shout out to the dudes from the band Goan Dogs, who screamed and danced as wildly as me during Myxomatosis. Highlight.
  8. Anarion

    Clash regrets...I've got a few

    Watched Tove Lo at John Peel instead of Temples at Park Stage, because I wanted to be certain of getting a good spot for The National. Considering how few people watched The National and how good Temples were, judging by the BBC broadcast, I wish I had made the trek up to the Park. Tove Lo was decent though, and I do wonder who got to dip their hands in glitter and fondle her breasts.
  9. Anarion

    Rude,pushy,aggressive young girls

    I came across more of the 10/10 Coachella-type girls this year, girls that are used to having men do anything for them and therefore are quite entitled. One girl asked me if I had a lighter, fair enough, but after I said no she told me to ask my friend and then told my to ask everyone around me. She seemed truly shocked when I just shook my head and told her no. Another funny memory was during Rationale at William's green on the Thursday. A girl came bursting past me, elbows wide, looking all angry like and determined to get past everyone. What was funny was that she was dragging a girlfriend that was apologizing to everyone. A proper and effective "good cop bad cop" scenario.
  10. Anarion

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    I remember that in 2013, my first Glastonbury, I arrived late to Arctic Monkeys because of watching Foals at the Other Stage. I had to watch from far away, and couldn't see anything because they split the big screens up in four. The memories of that came flooding back after all the complaints of the big screens during Radiohead. So yea, would love to watch them h eadline the Pyramid again, as long as they don't to the same big screen-mistake again.
  11. Anarion

    VPN for iPlayer

    Do you have an invite for iptorrents?
  12. Anarion

    The National

    New tune is decent enough, but shouldn't have been anywhere near their Glastonbury set. And Turtleneck instead of Vanderlyle was criminal. I downloaded and relived their concert yesterday, and it once again struck me how disappointing it was with all the new songs. The crowd is so dead after The system only dreams in total darkness. Everyone just standing either watching the band halfheartedly, looking disinterested or talking to others. In other threads I've defended bands that don't cater to casuals, like Radiohead, but playing so many songs that noone has heard before is never a good idea at festivals. Much because of how long it takes to get a crowd going again. I need my girl was unable to pick people back up properly. Maybe I'm just wrong and the set would have worked much better on a smaller stage with a higher concentration of enthusiastic fans. Anyways, looking forward to seeing them in Oslo in november, by then I will have heard the new album a thousand times.
  13. Anarion

    Perfect Weather

    If it had been like wednesday every day it would have been perfect for me. During the weekend the temperatures we're way too low for my liking. Below 20 during summer is just wrong. Too much wind and clouds blocking the sun as well. But I realize british people think differently. It was fun hearing so many people praise the clouds :-)
  14. Anarion

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    People were screaming and singing so loud I was actually worried about going deaf. Amazing!
  15. Anarion

    The National

    Agree with this. I also had too many talkers near me,even though I was in the pit

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