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  1. Anarion

    Taylor Swift

    Can't stop listening to it
  2. Anarion

    Taylor Swift

    Easy to hear Aaron Dessner and The National on 'folklore'. Listen to The National's 'Light Years' and then 'cardigan'.
  3. Anarion

    How do you feel?

    I think I have too much of my well-being tied up in the festival season. I can barely watch my favorite concerts from Glastonbury, 'cause I get this existensial dread that I will never experience that feeling ever again. Knowing that most of the tickets for next year are already gone makes it suck even more.
  4. Sometimes things we look forward to in life get cancelled. Glasto 2020 and 2021 are two separate events. It would be nice if this year's ticket holders could get tickets for next year, but I can't see how the festival is in any way obligated.
  5. You're forgetting all the hundreds of thousands of people who will ble glad they have a chance of going next year. Glastonbury 2021 will sell out in minutes no matter what, especially because of how much hype the cancellation will create. I think people will have higher expectations of next year than they had of the 50th anniversary.
  6. Anarion

    The poster 2020

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this must be the earliest the first poster has been dropped in years? I have tickets for Roskilde, trying for tickets for Glastonbury in the resale of course, but nothing on that poster excites me as much as The Strokes at Roskilde does. It's weird, but both festivals seems to have given a big middle finger to rock bands this year.
  7. The way people move around these days, and with the virus' incubation time, it will probably explode in most countries in due time. At least if countries doesn't immediately start banning large gatherings of people.
  8. Lots of Norwegians spend their winter holiday skiing in Northern Italy.
  9. Here in Norway right now everything is being cancelled. Our national health institute today recommended that all arrangements with over 500 participants be cancelled or postponed. If England finds itself in the same situation in a month or two, I can see Glastonbury being cancelled. And with over 50.000 people gathered at Anfield tonight, and how many thousands at this weekends Premier League round + all the other places where a lot of people gather, it's difficult to see how you will be able to contain the virus moving forward. Right now we can't be afraid of what will be cancelled or not. It's about doing everything to avoid our elderly and sick catching the disease.
  10. It will be Roskilde for me if I don't get a ticket in the resale. The Glastonbury of Northern Europe.
  11. Anarion


    Quite enjoyed it on first listen. Like Lightning struck me as an early favorite. Also loving the vibe of Neptune.
  12. Anarion

    The Zone

    Nothing but my chrome tab, the numbers, and a slight panick that makes it hard to breathe and my arm feel numb. I just want it to be over
  13. In April 2018 I started running for the first time in my life and in April 2019 I completed both a marathon and an ultra marathon. Being in such good shape made Glastonbury so much better. I couldn't believe the difference. Constant energy to do whatever I wanted, no back pain from standing up for hours, not needing more than a couple of hours of sleep each night... was amazing.
  14. I'm hoping for an improvement on the weather next year. This year was alright, but I didn't appreciate how much the temperatures dropped Wednesday and Sunday evening! Loved the heat during the day.
  15. Anarion

    Janelle Monae

    Still haven't gotten over this show. The energy of Janelle was out of this world. I do wish the crowd would be a little more unhinged though. Manye people close to the stage were stood just watching instead of dancing/singing/getting involved. How does "if you try to grab my pussy cat, my pussy grab you back" not get a rousing singalong?
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