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  1. Anarion

    Burning Man Festival, interesting article from the BBC

    Asking people to respect the ethos of a festival and participate on the same terms as everyone else is excluding someone? Glastonbury doesn't feel corporate just yet, and I pray it wont fall victim to the Instagram/model culture that plagues Coachella and now, apparently, Burning Man.
  2. Anarion

    2019 Headliners

    Mobile phones are probably counting steps when people are dancing, clapping and jumping up and down. Your average person couldn't walk 45 km in a day without their legs being completely destroyed for several days after.
  3. Anarion


    On The Luna is out on Spotify now.
  4. Anarion

    2019 Headliners

    Thanks! I enjoy importing setlists from setlist.fm to Spotify. Any particular Cure-list you can recommend?
  5. Anarion

    2019 Headliners

    Which songs get the crowd most excited at their live shows? I've tried watching a couple of their concerts and it all seems a bit dull except for when they play Boys don't cry and Friday I'm in love.
  6. Anarion

    Other Stage

    Excellent news about Tame Impala. Their set at Glastonbury in 2016 was special. I will make sure to be close to the front. Saw them in Madrid last year from far away, and they made the mistake of messing with the big screens. Instead of just showing the band and including everyone, it was just a poor mix of average effects and psychedelic outlines of Kevin Parker. Why do so many bands make this mistake? Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead at Glastonbury in 13 and 17 come to mind.
  7. Anarion

    2019 Headliners

    Was really hoping for The Strokes, but will probably be there for The Killers - clashes permitting.
  8. Anarion

    2019 Headliners

    Disappointing for the people on eFestivals maybe. And considering how much the opinion of people here differ from the rest of the Glastonbury going festival crowd, it might be a good thing.
  9. Anarion

    2019 Headliners

    Awesome, that should mean it's not something ridiculous like Madonna! Hope you can reveal something soon. I'm not getting any work done and I already had too much on my plate when the day began.
  10. Anarion

    2019 Headliners

    Was interesting hearing Emily talk about fees in her interview with George Ezra. Agents of big American acts often ask "is this a joke" when the Festival presents its offer.
  11. Anarion

    2019 Headliners

    It's got to be The Strokes right? #dontstopbelieving
  12. Anarion

    2019 Headliners

    I've never seen a band so ridiculed than RHCP after they tanked at Roskilde in 2016. Glastonbury booking them for anything would frankly be embarrassing.
  13. Anarion

    2019 Headliners

    Just got a mail telling me that Eddie Vedder will be performing in London supporting The Who at Wembley Stadium on Saturday, July 6th. Eddie Vedder alone isn't big enough to headline the Pyramid and only The Who would be a weak booking so few years after their last headline performance, but together?
  14. Anarion

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I'm really glad I went for mountain boots instead of wellies that year. Lost count of how many wellies I saw lost in the mud. (PS: What's with old bald white men reverting to sex jokes at every opportunity?)
  15. Anarion

    New Logo for the Festival

    Looks like the work of a kid who has discovered Window's paint for the first time.