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  1. Father's day lunchtime nap... ...go!

  2. How Google+is the new privacy controls for FB? I go away for a week and it's all change!

  3. Goodbye Mudeford, hello Nottingham, so nice to be back in the 21st century. It's about time someone dragged Dorset in to the 20th.

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes, found a pub down the road from where we are staying to have dinner at later, it just so happens that it's holding a beer festival too..

  5. One more day at work, then not back till next month :)

  6. One good thing about going to a festival with a crap line-up: no queues at the bar.

  7. Emma is very excited about the cricket her grandad is watching, she's sport mad. I'm having words with the milkman!

  8. Summer Sundae here we come..

  9. Lights coming on, halfway through Super 8 at the cinema = free tickets :)

  10. Just bought Emma the Rastamouse CD, we're sat outside asda in car listening to it as Janine does the shopping, ire!

  11. At the cinema yesterday, an advert comes on screen showing Trent Bridge and Twenty20 cricket, Janine says to me "oh no, not another film about baseball" :P

  12. Why are they filming Batman at Wollaton and not Gotham?

  13. Anyone got a Google+ invite??

  14. Rastamouse is the new Bodger and Badger

  15. Roll on June 2013...

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