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  1. I went to the Dublin gig the other week and it ain't a cheap trip


    for 2 of us it will be

    £240 gig tickets

    £240 Hotel

    £84 flights

    £40 airport parking

    £22 Airport transfer


    then £6 a pint 

  2. 9 hours ago, Badlands said:

    Am I the only person on here that likes Turtleneck? It’s a right old racket, in a good way.

    I like it a lot but it's a shouty when he's doing it live

  3. 3 hours ago, fowls said:

    So what are everyone's opinions on El Vy now some time has passed?


    I think it might be just a smidgen better than any National record...

    still growing on me but getting better with every listen

  4. On 29/06/2017 at 4:46 PM, Toilet Duck said:

    Eh? Nothing from Monster, New Adventures in Hifi or Up? are you mad! Some of R.E.M.'s best work came after AFTP...

    New Adventures in HiFi is my fave album of there's, another vote for REM from me

  5. 10 hours ago, When Jokers Attack said:

    Glad I went last night, much better setlist than tonight IMO.  Gutted I didn't get Dark Side Of The Gym though


    September 21, 2017 || Edinburgh, UK

    Nobody Else Will Be There
    The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
    Walk It Back
    Don’t Swallow the Cap
    Sea of Love
    Empire Line
    I Need My Girl
    This is the Last Time
    I’ll Still Destroy You
    Conversation 16
    Bloodbuzz Ohio
    Guilty Party
    Dark Side of the Gym
    Day I Die
    Sleep Well Beast
    Fake Empire
    Wasp Nest
    Pink Rabbits
    Mr. November
    Terrible Love

    that lineup is immense, Conversation 16 is my favourite and Iive not seen them play it live before

  6. not really liked Day I Die on the album but liked it when they played it live,  

    System, Guilty Party and Carin are the only 10/10's for me so far but that will probably change over the coming months/years

  7. watched them last night at Vicar St, cracking venue.

    Lisa Hannigan joined him on numerous songs but you couldn't really here her.

    Matt was acting a bit weird, disappeared a couple of times, had to restart a few tracks and then legged it at the end which had Aaron pulling a bemused face.

    great gig and the crowd loved the new stuff but so much good stuff missing from that setlist, possibly my top 5 of there's where missing. 


  8. The Darkness , The Streets, Biffy Clyro, The Script, Robbie Williams are things I dislike the most in music.

    Also I don't get the Foos or Flaming Lips but I can still tell they are good at what they do.

    I never get got The National for a number of years but kept going back to them and then one day it just clicked and they just keep on growing and I now listen to them more than any other band. seeing them in Dublin at the weekend.


    quick Edit: Everything Everything are utter shite as well

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