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  1. because it's just a handful of companies that own most of the festivals the lineup's are getting pretty tired I reckon. Had a cracking weekend and plenty of rumours of the festival coming back in some form.
  2. the biggest appeal for this year's is the venues. they are using the best area of liverpool with some cracking venues which compared to the building sites of the past 3 years. but ye lineup is dogshit
  3. Father John by a mile for me. The National 2nd best.
  4. I should have known this as the line in one of the songs mentions " Mrs President" so it looks like they wrongly predicted the US Election
  5. Father John Misty - Pure Comedy by a million miles for me The National - Sleep well wild Beast was Local Natives this year or last ? slightly disappointed in The Arcade Fire Album
  6. The docks was absolutely shite, great news they are back in the city.
  7. amazing this season, really upped their game
  8. does the Castlefield Bowl thing only run at a certain times of the summer? cracking venue BTW
  9. I went to the Dublin gig the other week and it ain't a cheap trip for 2 of us it will be £240 gig tickets £240 Hotel £84 flights £40 airport parking £22 Airport transfer then £6 a pint
  10. I like it a lot but it's a shouty when he's doing it live
  11. still growing on me but getting better with every listen
  12. New Adventures in HiFi is my fave album of there's, another vote for REM from me
  13. that lineup is immense, Conversation 16 is my favourite and Iive not seen them play it live before
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