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  1. and, in my defence, you've got to give me some credit for it not being a jim davidson gag surely?
  2. Sorry, I didn't realise gags on here had to be the poster's original material
  3. I was standing there, wondering to myself, why is that frisbee getting bigger and bigger. And then it hit me...
  4. I've got an inferiority complex. But it's not a very good one.
  5. diddly-dee


  6. Nice one, thanks for this. That's swung it for me now, I'm going!!!
  7. I know it's a way off yet, but anyone had experience of going by National Express coach to Latitude? I see they run direct coaches from London and I was wondering if it's a bit of a bun-fight or is it relatively painless and hassle free?
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