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  1. Greeny_Musicchild


    I've been reading through the thread for the exact same reason Nightcrawler. I smoke quite a lot of weed I suppose, but half the problem is rolling a spliff when I get that nicotine craving. Being able to stay inside might just be what I'm looking for. Does it smoke in any way? In so much as is there anything coming off it that might cause an angry barman to tell me I have to step outside?
  2. Greeny_Musicchild

    Got any gigs coming up?

    Last two times i've seen Reel Big Fish in Nottingham the support's been Skindred then Streetlight Manifesto. I hadn't heard either beforehand so RBF to me is a nice way to discover good ska/punk bands. I'll be seeing them again this April
  3. Greeny_Musicchild


    All out for 304. Excellent. It's been a really, really good performance from England in this first session, and the test in general. Nice to see England winning deservedly for once!
  4. Greeny_Musicchild


    Harrison to keep boxing
  5. Greeny_Musicchild


    I agree as well, but imo horse racing is the one exception. The whole thing is based around betting (like greyhounds), where as most other sports are based around human competition, physical prowess and pure skill and technique. Horse racing has such a huge factor of luck, it's like cards.
  6. Greeny_Musicchild

    Things that ur happy about

    The thought had crossed my mind. I'd like to think that after sorting out their families finances they realised they didn't need the rest of it. Either way, a lot of good causes got paid.
  7. Greeny_Musicchild

    Things that ur happy about

    This made me happy.
  8. Greeny_Musicchild

    Things that ur happy about

    I know it's not one all can relate to, but i rang my pot dealer tonight and he said "1 minute" and appeared on the corner. After a hard day at work that made me smile...
  9. Greeny_Musicchild

    The Pets Thread

    This is my cat Suzie. I wanted to call her Optimus but i was overruled.
  10. Greeny_Musicchild


    Nice, I've completely missed that one obviously Last i heard of Floyd he was punching the Big Show.
  11. Greeny_Musicchild


    Pacquiao will win it if it happens, that's a monster of a fight though, can't wait. How long has it been since Mayweather has fought now? seems like ages.
  12. Greeny_Musicchild

    Who's watching what on tv

    Just finished watching every episode of American Dad. It's taken me a few weeks. I don't think it reaches the same highs as Family Guy once did, but it's more consistent and recently it's much better. I'm about half way through the second series of Arrested Development which is very good. I love the dad, he's such an idiot but also subtly intelligent, it's great. The mind wars he has with the main character are genius. Im going to start watching Dexter soon. Should be good, i keep having it recommended to me.
  13. Greeny_Musicchild

    The Pets Thread

    well she shopped doing it a while ago...we thought she'd just got scratched or something cause she fought a lot with other cats when she first came to live here, but we honestly couldn't find anything wrong, we searched her, much to her displeasure...and now it's about year on. She's a strange bastard anyway.
  14. Greeny_Musicchild

    The Pets Thread

  15. Greeny_Musicchild

    The Pets Thread

    thats so weird...we have a black cat too...and she did that for a while...limped around on her back leg...took her to the vet twice, vet couldn't see anything wrong...stopped after a while....it was really strange.