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  1. For me, it must be LCD Soundsystem
  2. Squonk

    2020 headliners

    Is that just because the band recognised the necessity of Aerosmith fans not breeding, for the sake of all humanity?
  3. When approx does latitude announce its headliners?
  4. Personally, really enjoy Lamb live, def better than on record (which I like s well)
  5. I can't believe lamb are playing, so happy!!
  6. Hi, yes , I will message you
  7. Hi, if anyone else needs one then let me know as we have a spare (east - normal). Bought it for a friend in case they managed to get a ticket through one of many routes but never came together. We have the ticket in hand and it will be posted out on next day delivery later this week if anyone is interested. Just asking for the ticket price and I will cover the postage. Obviously buyer takes the risk that they might not get in as it has my wife's name and address printed on it. Forgot to say, ticket is in Swansea, buyer welcome to meet up to exchange cash /ticket
  8. Squonk

    Ticket refund

    Correct, I bought my wife a ticket on the day before the festival as she changed her mind. Not that long ago -2008!
  9. Squonk

    2019 Map

    That's the one!
  10. Squonk

    2019 Map

    There is a video via Facebook glasto chat showing that west holts stage direction has changed in line with the above
  11. Squonk

    2019 Map

    It definitely looks like the se corner entry system has gone completely. The queuing area for it has been replaced by crew camping
  12. Squonk

    2019 Map

    With underworld they had all their gear set up and did a sound check around 9/ 10am , quite enjoyed watching them then!
  13. I remember when i worked in 2017 for Greenpeace on the build, they gave us a glasto workers guide and it did ask in there not to post any build photos. Unfortunately I only saw this two days before the festival and had been posting photos on here from the beginning of June!
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