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    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Haven't managed to read all 29 pages so apologies of this has been posted already. One for the ladies, if you hold on to the bottom of the long drop door and lean back you will (providing your average height) hover over the hole... doubles as a stabliser after a few ciders and keeps the door closed if the lock is broken 👍
  2. Oops hit the red instead of the green there, just levelled it out.... Basically I agree
  3. Loving this thread, great idea! I'm Lou, been a member for a good while but don't post that often. Love the forum chat, gives me my festival fix! Hope to make it to my first meet this year. All you newbies are in for a treat! Welcome!
  4. Lou1983

    New Order

    Or this even :-D
  5. Lou1983

    New Order

    That'll do me nicely
  6. I was lucky in the original sale for the first time in 3 years so I feel your pain! I've always been to scared to miss out so went for coach and was lucky every time. Hope we can get everyone on the forums sorted and will actively help as many as I can! Not sure who organises the group but If you see this feel free to pm me!
  7. Big up to the bum bags! I have my backpack for blanket, booze and jacket and the bum bag for all important bits and pieces, phone,money etc
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    Yeah there is huge horns on the other stage, my mate is already on site and posted a pic on FB
  9. Lou1983


    Did the sign just go up today? I had a dream about walking up to it last night! So exciting!!!!!
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