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  1. Go to ultimate power on Thursday, cheese tastic ??
  2. I get it though, although I'm not looking for a festival the same as Glastonbury, but one which is as satisfying ? kinda thinking it might be a weird blessing not getting tickets, enjoyed this year so much more cause we'd had a break, although I'd not be saying that if I had tickets I reckon??
  3. 11am is decent! I tied a tarp between mine and mates tent and slept under that when my tent turned into a greenhouse at glasto! Don't think I could do it outside UK though!
  4. Yeh that's pretty brutal, got a hotel for beni a few years ago, fuck camping in that it was roastin! Mind you glasto this year wasn't much cooler!!
  5. Sounds similar to benicassim, goes on till 7am eh? ????? Basque Country is sweet too
  6. Mates of mine highly rate end of the road ?
  7. Awesome advice guys, many thanks! Will have a look about, has Anyone been to South America? Thinking if I'm missing Glastonbury I may as well go hard! I'll be well past 40 the next fallow year so maybe now it's the time ?‍♀️?‍♀️
  8. Totally agree squirrel, I was just having a chortle at the niavety of the lovely woman who kindly brought me onto this earth, her innocent chat brings me a lot of comedy moments ?
  9. This would explain how you get through to payment and it won't process, in theory the server shouldn't allow more people to that stage if there aren't enough tickets available , never thought of that before
  10. Exactly this ⬆️ Edit not exactly bingo, one more post above, OK im drunk ?‍♀️
  11. When I told my mum I didn't get a ticket she was affronted ? according to her I've been so often I should have some sort of privilege/ loyalty card ?‍♀️ fact is its the best way they can sell the tickets, as others have said a ballot would allocate some tickets to people who aren't really arsed, then they would need to reprocess them anyway
  12. So obviously there's nothing that compares to Glastonbury but is anyone considering going somewhere farther afield to fill the void of not getting tickets? I've done the resale before and I don't think I can put my summer on hold on a whim, any suggestions?
  13. Lou1983

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Haven't managed to read all 29 pages so apologies of this has been posted already. One for the ladies, if you hold on to the bottom of the long drop door and lean back you will (providing your average height) hover over the hole... doubles as a stabliser after a few ciders and keeps the door closed if the lock is broken ?
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