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  1. is there any chance of sneaking alcohol in to the actual festival or is it proper checks of everything? like if i took a camping chair in and hid some cans in the bag with it or something? or are camping chairs not allowed in either? haha. what about giving the security guy a tenner just to let me through with my drink?
  2. are there any maps that show both the campsite and arena areas? i downloaded the app but cant really work out wheres best to camp from that.
  3. Thanks for the info that sounds like our best option!
  4. What's the best way of getting from the ferry port to the festival if we go over as foot passengers? Do we need to book a bus in advance or are there plenty available to jump on?
  5. Haha sounds like the Scots had all the luck in the competitions! Will definitely be down the front for gerry cinnamon, went to see him in Newcastle recently and won the tickets to this thanks to putting him as my favourite singer at the festival in strongbows competition! There is two of us so we thought we would share the driving, but I'll double check the trains and that big green coach that was mentioned. Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone! Excited to have won two tickets to this year's festival, but with it being so late in the day our only option really is to drive all the way from the Scottish Borders. However it looks like all the car ferry tickets are gone already. What would our best bet be? Park in Portsmouth or Southampton then go over as a foot passenger? Is there then plenty buses to the festival? Or do we need to book that too. Sorry for the noob questions! Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance! ks
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