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  1. It’s ok I’m happy to have the positive thinking on your behalf
  2. Did you deliberately double dose that quote professor Afro ?
  3. Maybe you should become a scientist then ?
  4. Boris Alert .... hes probably not but hes on the TV
  5. I need a combination of twitter and facebook data ... along with fred from the pub
  6. can we run a poll after its announced its happening ?
  7. puts pay to the OD tour just before .... maybe they might be able to run the european dates just after ..... Hopefully things might have inched forward a little from that ...
  8. so how much data / time do you need before you feel happy to take it ? or will you take it if it becomes necessary to have it to do things ?
  9. Anti vaxers going to love this .....
  10. Now on the bottom page at 82
  11. my gym is open .... and there is no door between the changing rooms and pool .... Im swimming
  12. Boris doesnt need technology failure to do this ....
  13. this covid secure expression really winds me up !!!
  14. Boris has had enough work for the day ....
  15. I think only 2 where you have offered cake ?
  16. meanwhile im hoping for them to be slowly dissapearing .... from March I hope ..its causing major aggravation amongst colleagues at work ..... yesterday I put my rubbish out and there was an ambulance parked up .... the nice female paramedic that was working in the back said to me im smiling at you , its a shame you cant see it
  17. our students seem to have already returned ..... might just be some of them though ....
  18. vaccine with a free snakebite ....
  19. was that tier 3 areas ? or just random areas ? `Like say London ?
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