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  1. Might also be because I heard they had issues getting the internal racking /scaffold for them … I’ll try and remember where I heard this
  2. Were there fewer of them ? Vendors struggling to get staff and make money will mean fewer of them and therefore worse queues …
  3. Jimbarknoodle who used to be the forum regular troll … The style is very similar , I’d imagine that account has been blocked now
  4. If you are in the outer reaches maybe consider a push bike to get to the gates ? I’m suprised they aren’t used more but can be stored in the lockups … would think they would suit workers coming on and off shift and allow more time for bands … or people in the outer reaches of the caravan fields
  5. He’s trolling it’s likely our mate Jim bark noodle
  6. We were told about some tent thefts near jp … but I’m never sure if this is more of a prevention thing or not ? Just to make sure that we don’t become lazy … think this was on sat
  7. significantly more .... I took in 30 cans ..... so at £6 a pint thats a significant cost .... id love to buy at the bar but its also very handy to have cans at the tent and not need lots of bar trips . although my cans are ice cold till at least sat eve
  8. fair comment 🙂 actually I think id probably have managed it ..... my overflow in the car was basically a food bag and cider in a coolbox ..... a friend did take the tent in but id probably have managed that worst case scenario ..... might try the bus this time in the hope of getting an earlier one as I do like my wed exploration . from discussion the earlier bus sale gets the early buses ...
  9. Let’s be honest though … many people who get the coach have stuff transported down by other people . I wonder what proportion take purely what they can carry …. And I was one of those that took extra in a car …
  10. Falling off a bench forwards when dancing …. And then backwards 5 mins later …. Oh and maybe drinking the rum that caused the fall
  11. I missed a parcel that arrived the day after I’d left for the festival…. I’d been waiting 3 months for it … so I’ll either add it to the existing hat or I’ll start from scratch… and build a new one … I’m undecided at present … I want to update the screens
  12. Is there space ? When would they get invited back ? For me it’s not too soon but how soon is too soon ?
  13. How long untill Coldplay fit this slot ? Or is it headliner or nothing ? It’s been a while ? Or will they just be left as a reserve waiting for a headliner to pull out ?
  14. What an incredible race … those of you boycotting you are massively missing out … the best race I’ve seen for many years
  15. Do you not think that bumping this thread might not work in your favour ? 🤔
  16. Yay …felt a few symptoms Tue was negative … positive on wed and clear today …. Life can resume 😀😀😀… slight cough remains
  17. Scrap that this one Topic: My Meeting Time: Jul 2, 2022 08:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88050901154?pwd=HBl8thL71BGe-D_3xrwW_rZLWgEya_.1 Meeting ID: 880 5090 1154 Passcode: tnrWG4
  18. Any ideas where they went ? Hopefully a food bank in the end if they weren’t collected
  19. crazyfool1


    But I could have thanked you for those amazing pictures 😞
  20. yep I am .... its truly madness how its hit others worse ... very fortunate
  21. I know what it is and relates to funkingham palace @ian the worm may confirm more
  22. Porta shower is amazing … when I got back Monday and showered the daily showers with that made such a difference to my normal grim Monday shower
  23. crazyfool1

    2023 Headliners

    Let us dream for a bit 🙂
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