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  1. Yeah I was a bit slow on the uptake there 🙂
  2. All he had I think … he kipped in my tent one night and outside it in his Bivvy bag the others … oh sorry yeah someone else needs to bring kit in I reckon
  3. Here’s my instructions I needed to follow to find his kit I’d imagine he got in in the rough vicinity of where the bag was dumped … over the fence
  4. Walking Boots 20 -10 Fresh and Black tents 30 Power Banks 74Lenor Bottles 84Air bed 30Hats/Hats 77 Pillows 55
  5. Someone who went over the fence
  6. I can’t work it out … the ford is by gate D where pedestrians can precariously walk over a bridge and there’s some of the posher camping out that way …gate d and turn right along the road
  7. I’m happy to pay 🙂 … yeah I’m none of those … but definately seems more realistic than some of the previous vids … I was hoping he inspected the culvert at the last point … as that looked like a possible when I went out that way to collect a bag from the woods 😂
  8. now this one does seem like its doable
  9. They probably would have done without the need for budget cuts … spider looked pretty small after seeing the crane …
  10. Yep it’s gonna be spider again … gives them a bit more time to work on whatever is new in the pipeline … it’s an easy one to save costs with no backlash in terms of there being no change and it dissapearing .
  11. I’d say there won’t be a new arcadia till year after next for definate
  12. I think this might be topping up the reservoirs today .. and the fire risk is surely gone !! Bring back summer 😞
  13. Everywhere … they are monitored constantly . @funkychick2007 might be able to give more detail … all the feedback we give I’d hazard a guess they already know.
  14. I honestly reckon the crowd control monitors will have picked up the issues … I’m sure they will be dealt with in time for next year … no reason for the festival to want anything catastrophic . The site is very heavily monitored by cctv
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