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  1. Boris can’t be the leaker ... he didn’t even make the cobra meeting !! Must have had another more pressing need !!
  2. Thanks ... it ll be having a listen 🎧 tomoro ... much appreciated ... hope to catch u at some point over this weekend ... we are running another one.
  3. This does help with a lot of the questions https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/making-a-christmas-bubble-with-friends-and-family/making-a-christmas-bubble-with-friends-and-family
  4. I think we are all weighing up some very tough decisions on this ..... but what we must remember is that the other side isn't so far away now and the smiles will slowly be creeping back next year .... We dont know each others entire situations or levels of risk to others .... every judgement ... every move ... we will all be assessing everything .... nobody on here wants to infect anybody they just want to smile in the safest way possible .... and if anyone wants a chat xmas day and a smile I will likely be around loitering on here ..... In it together guys
  5. People who are cautious will remain cautious ... people that don’t give a shit won’t take any notice of rules ... whatever they might be ... there isn’t going to be enforcement .... please whatever you decide open those windows , meet outside where possible , just do what you can to make everyone safe ... and despite allowances the lower the numbers people stick to the less the chance of loved ones getting ill
  6. someone will have ... theres a workaround too which I will attempt to use if nobody can give us a rundown
  7. thinks she's a cut above the rest .... would have taken £1000 thats a snip of the £17,000
  8. some will be catching up .... some will be falling further behind comparatively ... depending on how lucky you are with covid rates in your area ... some kids will be in and out of school like yo-yos thanks to bo-jo .... clarity has been the issue throughout !!
  9. with all those sanitisers ( empty ) it will be covid secure anyway
  10. oh just on some of the data ... cases dropped quite significantly .... but looks like delays in reporting so will jump back a bit tomorrow
  11. For anyone with a telegraph subscription. Did we miss this ? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/news/empty-fields-glastonbury-will-vaccine-save-britains-music-festivals/amp/
  12. ah crap .... a reset tomorrow then
  13. that makes total sense to me ... never did any work then anyway ...
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